Friday, February 15, 2013

Lighted Stepping Stones

It's one of those things that sometimes mentally drain me; I'm finding out that there are many jobs that I think I can do just to make ends meet, but my lessons are teaching me that if my stepping stone doesn't go with my ultimate journey—the journey that involves the plan that I feel and see in my dreams or visions—it will feel like a daunting task, a dark task.  A lesson always comes out of missing one of these stepping stones: I should stay true to my vision, my heart, and my soul.

How do I stay true to my vision? I practice seeing my vision every minute of each day, and I allow myself to feel the enthusiasm that comes with seeing my vision, regardless of how "bad" things may appear.  Staying in this awareness helps me to feel if my next move is one of a lighted stepping stone or one of a move that is driven by limited thinking caused by fear.  Before I accept a job, I know if the path is a lighted stepping stone or not, because I can immediately feel it.  My knowing comes from the desire to practice living in the ONENESS with Divine Presence.
So, from this point forward, I listen to Spirit’s Guidance and move in the direction of light, which I am carrying to brighten the path on my journey.  You see, when my light dims, it is a sign that I have gone off path.  When my light dims, I am no longer in tuned to the always present Guidance, but in tuned to fear.  I AM guidance.  I AM one with the light of Divine Presence, which is always lighting the stepping stone, my path and my journey.  As the great teacher, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, often says, “I am the power I am looking for.” I take only the lighted stepping stones, which are brightened by me, the I AM.

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