Friday, September 21, 2012

She teaches me...

Today, a quote came across my heart:  "Let's try teaching children how to think instead of what to think." 

This is my Jannah.  She is strong, loving, sincere, forgiving, and respects and appreciates life.  Jannah teaches me so much about letting go, listening, and living in the moment.  She began saying, "I love you with my BIG heart," when she was three-years-old.  I've learned and continue to learn from her how to love unconditionally.

Early on Wednesday, we ran a couple of errands.  Even though I think I'm present, I'm not.  I heard Jannah singing along to a song on the radio; she is always singing, so, this is nothing new.  I turned off the car just when the song ended.  Casually, I said, "I don't like that song."  Imagine that?  I wasn't available to listen to it, but I told her that I didn't like the song.  It was final; nothing else needed to be said, according to my thoughts.

I began walking into the building. Jannah stopped walking, looked up at me with her eyes squinted from the brightness of the sunrays, and said, "Mom, the lyrics to the song are: Let me love you.  I will love you until you learn to love yourself."  I said, "Oh."  Enough said.

Just because the beat of the song didn't catch my attention, I had a diluted perception of the song.  I said the words out loud then Jannah interrupted me, and said, "Nemo sings it."  I said, "Nemo? Oh, you mean, Ne-Yo."  She said, "Yeah, you know who I'm talking about." 

I, unintentionally, tried to convince Jannah to not like that song when I wasn't even present to hear it.  She gave me the opportunity to listen through her, and I did.  I'm giving her the space to be her--teaching her how to think, and I love who she is. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Release and Let Go...

When I get a surge of enthusiasm and gratitude, I must share it with you; it is what I do!

Release and let go of shame. It serves no purpose.

Release and let go of fear. It keeps you in distress, and it makes you doubt what you know to be true.

Release and let go of the hurt. It keeps you in a victim mode. You are not a victim; you are a vibrant, beautiful, confident Divine Expression of Greatness-God!

Release and let go lack of self-worthiness. It makes you compare yourself to everyone else; there is no one like you. You are uniquely and ecstatically worth more than you can comprehend.

Release and let go of wishing; you know everything there is to know because you are a genius. See yourself as an inspiration here to do something phenomenal, because you are.

Release and let go of suffering. It is not part of the life's script for you to suffer. Your mind creates these conditions as a survival mechanism.

See love in everything and every person and know that your life and his or her life are for a reason. For yourself, ask what that reason is and listen within for the answer. You will be delighted to know that there is so much more in you and life than focusing on things originally created by your negative thinking and by other people.

You are the creative change you are looking for, and you are the genius to get it done. You belong to something greater than yourself -- a continuously high-vibration beating of life. Embrace it by releasing and letting go of all negative thought patterns and live in and for the moment without any interference. 

You are living your life to be you, come what may!