Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Celebrate Knowing!

(Photo taken by Se'Lah)

I've often heard that we are connected and really never gave much thought to what that meant. I believed it as the truth, and I assumed we were all connected since we are here in this space and time. Yesterday, and this morning during meditation, I've visited this idea as more than a thought; I experienced it.

My husband, Raheem, and I had to take care of some business that could have been perceived as unpleasant, and I must admit, I marched forward after recognizing a negative thought within me about the situation.  Somehow, I just knew that everything was working for our good, regardless of my mind chatter.  So, I took a deep breath, ignored the mind chatter, and focused on knowing that every move I made (walking – talking – smiling – interacting with others – driving – listening) was Divine Source moving as me.  Raheem wasn’t as confident, but I told him, “The Universe has our back!  Let’s do this."

When we walked out of our attorney’s office, Raheem could only say, “All praises be to God!”  I couldn’t say a word; I felt the gratitude, and it covered every aspect of my Being. I blessed everything within my eyesight and heart-sight.  Raheem had to walk prior to getting into the truck; he needed to be and feel the energy and the love first.  We weren’t expected to meet with this particular attorney, the owner.  However; spiritually, he knew we needed his help beyond the physical realm, and he chose to be with us.  I, too, knew to expect my good beyond the physical realm.  Together, the attorney, Raheem, and I danced in Spirit!

Dr. Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith said:

…And we always know it’s transformation because it surprises us – and if it doesn’t surprise you, it’s not transformation. It could be something that you’ve expected and put together in a nice, little, neat package.

But, when you throw yourself open by asking empowering questions and by willing to be more than you’ve ever thought you could be, you get surprised by the depth of what’s inside of you!

It’s so potent that it’s oftentimes shocking.
I didn’t know what to expect at the attorney’s office, but I knew it was Good.  I just didn’t know how Good!

This morning during meditation, I celebrated life, and I danced with those who were willing to dance with me in Spirit.  I felt each and every one of them. I joined in with the celebration of infinite love, peace, and joy.

Celebrate in knowing that everything you are, everything you desire, your purpose, is here and now.  Open and accept in your heart that celebrating Good is you activating your faith.  Know.  Trust. Accept.  Rejoice.  Celebrate simply in just knowing, and accept your joy!  We don’t need to have or see something in order to know and celebrate; we just need to feel all that we are grateful for.  All is well.  Life is Good.

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Leisa Monique said...

This is beautiful Vickie! It's a great reminder but unfortunately I'm in a place of doubt. I'm going to ponder your words to help move me past this place.