Monday, June 18, 2012

Hop in Gratitude

To express her gratitude, my daughter, Jannah, gave me this sweet drawing that she colored. Isn't it fun?

When she gave me this drawing, her large eyes stretched even bigger. She couldn't contain the excitement she felt when giving it to me, and that's how she is when she gives me or anyone anything. It is so beautiful how she hops when she talks to me, or when she is doing something that makes her feel good. Her enthusiasm is contagious! In return, my voice goes an octave higher, and I respond with the same enthusiasm. It's not forced; her energy transfers to me, reinforcing the truth that we are all connected.

So, today, for my gratitude practice, I am going to give of myself anyway I can with such enthusiasm that I hope to transfer it to all I come in contact with today. This light energy is infinite. Here are a few areas that first comes to mind based on the errands and tasks I need to do today: buying groceries - writing a resume for someone today as a form of service, not pay - paying a couple of bills - reading and critiquing other's writing as a source of encouragement.

The power to give is the same power in which we receive things. As I read somewhere, it's one running faucet, steadily moving and powerfully providing. There is no separation. All we need to do is move with the harmonic flow of the Universe, transferring all the love-thanksgiving we can hold in our hearts. In this type of living, we have no attachments to expectations.  We let things be as they are.  Yes, go with the flow in gratitude and thanksgiving, and watch how beauty manifests in your life in a variety of forms. Will you be enthusiastic and hop in gratitude with me and Jannah today?

Love, Liberty & Light