Monday, May 21, 2012

Pass the Rock

Recently, I went for a walk in the park.  White Oak Park is such pretty scenic view.  It has rolling hills, but you can see over them, as far as your eyes will take you.  I walked admiring this view, blessing each person who passed me.  I like to walk against traffic so that I can look into the faces of the people I bless. 

On this day, I saw an elderly man walking, leaning to one side.  He had a good stride going.  We greeted each other with a head nod.  Immediately, I thought he had such kind eyes.  I said, "good morning."  He stopped, and I had to back up a few steps to face him.  He gave me a rock, and said, "I'm passing this rock to you.  We don't have a torch so I'm passing this rock."  I said, "OK."  I held the rock in my hand.  It was dirty, a black and grayish color.  I looked for a sign or something that I should know about that rock, turning it around and around.  He laughed, and said, "I'm leaving now.  So, be sure to pass it along. The rock is what you put into it."  I smiled at him, and my heart danced at the thought.  I said, "I will definitely pass it along."

During my last lap around the dirt trail, I felt it was time to release the rock to someone else.  I held it, blessed it, and allowed my entire body to fill the energy of love and gratitude.  Then, I saw Rebecca.  I stopped her and explained the rock to her.  The feeling and words came through me like a burst of energy.  My enthusiasm was contagious; she squeezed the rock as I told her how she is the Divine expression of love, and that her life is hers to live to the fullest.  I said, "You have a purpose.  Listen to your heart and soul, and go for it." Her head moved up and down while I spoke to her, as if she were drinking a love potion.  She gave me a hug, and I thanked Divine Source for that elderly man and Rebecca.  It had been my first time ever meeting them both on that trail.

I read somewhere that incredible stories happen everyday, all the time.  By being in the present moment, a wonderful miracle happened to me, the elderly man, and Rebecca; our kindred spirits accepted that rock on that day in our lives, which allowed us to recognize that we are one.  Rebecca said, "I don't know what I will say or who I will give this rock too, but I can't wait."

The rock represented living in the moment to me.  I am grateful to have shared this miraculous moment with the elderly man and Rebecca.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Dancer

When you feel like you can't move, dance.  When your heart is occupied with pain, dance.  When you are in doubt or feeling worried, dance.  Dance because you are celebrating your life; you are the perfect divine expression of peace, greatness, love and joy!

(Jannah striking her pose before she went off to her dance recital.  The theme: "I wanna dance."  It was such a fun and exciting day with the family!)