Sunday, March 4, 2012

Love Is What We Are

"Love is neither learned nor taught.  We are created in and of love.  It is what we are." - Eric Butterworth

Sometimes I don't feel like I am love; sometimes I don't feel like loving, especially when I'm faced with a perceived challenge.  I feel irritated and frustrated, and I think I know why at the time.  But then, I sit in the reality--what is real to me.  I look within, only to find out that I am actually irritated with the idea of the challenge; so, I pull the challenge apart, piece by piece, in my thoughts, deciphering it.

You know what I find?  I find that I'm attached to a specific outcome of the perceived challenge. When I release and let go of the attachment, I feel free.  When I open my mind and heart--relaxing my shoulders, my back, softening my heart and mind, and letting go of expectations--love shines through; I feel Divine Presence all around me, in me and through me. 

I feel my light shining; I feel the love glowing.  Even in perceived darkness, I see the light.  How?  I am carrying it with me, lighting my path, and for this:  I AM grateful to be love.  Love is what we are.