Thursday, January 26, 2012


Walking to my car inside of the parking garage at the university one evening, I saw a young male standing near his car; the hood of his car was up.  He said he needed to jump-start his car.  I offered, but I told him that my car battery was under the back seat. Even though he was anxious to leave, he opted to wait on his friend because we didn't want to deal with removing the backseat in my car.

Recently, I began to worry about something that I had no control over.  I had to reach out to my family and friends for reassurance that everything was fine at that particular moment.   Just like that young man in the parking garage, I needed a jump-start to remind me that ALL is well.

At different times of our lives, we need a jump-start to remind us how blessed we are.  When I've just come through an experience where I've learned something that allows me to truly live my life the way Divine Presence intended for me to live, I have the opportunity to see someone else's experience and challenges with love, offering unlimited support.  You see, we are all connected, and we have the ability to  recognize the beauty, strength, and courage in each other.  So, when I'm feeling a little unsure, I know I'm loved.  I know my jump-start is coming, and I expect it.  I know where to go and ask for my jump-start, if needed.

Do you need a jump-start?  Well, here it is; peace, love, joy, beauty, prosperity, abundance, well being, perfect health, and wholeness are yours.  I know this to be the truth because these attributes are of Divine Presence, and you are IT's Expression.