Friday, November 25, 2011

Light Moments

My brother told me recently that he doesn't ask anyone for help because he doesn't feel comfortable with others thinking he owes them something for their help. I listened closely and tried not to interject my ideas. I have to admit it was difficult to remain quiet, but I did. We then started discussing how he seldom has a bad day. He said, "Every day I wake up is a day to be happy so since I awake every day, I'm happy." I smiled. I am excited to hear his words echo in my heart.

Instead of focusing on his perception regarding "receiving help," I am thrilled that I am able to appreciate with love my brother who is happy every day he wakes up. I choose to celebrate his life by accepting his growth and evolvement as is.

Sometimes we don’t need to project our ideas, beliefs or even truths on to anyone. All we have to do is listen sometimes and allow Divine Love, Intelligence, and Beauty to shine through. I see my brother’s little light shining so brightly. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!  This was my lesson.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Veggies & Me


Well, I've made some progress on my weight loss.  It's not the progress I anticipated, but it's progress.

I woke up with food on my mind this morning - the kind of thought that spiraled into the urgent need to put the first thing I saw into my mouth.  I needed it fast.  I needed to eat it as I walked toward my front door and into my car.  Before I put the key into the ignition, that banana was long gone into the darkness of my stomach.

My morning ritual includes a 32 oz glass of water with lemon, alternating it with Himilayan sea salt before I work out.  On this day, the water seemed to add to the hunger pain in my body.  So, that banana didn't have a chance!  On a normal day, a protein shake and a green smoothie would be enough for me after my workout.

Eventually, my mind and body became in sync, and I rested in the rich taste of my green smoothies, my raw spinach dip with celery and flax seed crackers, and my acceptance that I am one with the Divine Creator!  I am whole, perfect, complete, love, joy, and peace, and 75 pounds lighter.

I see in you what's in me.  What I am, you are.  What you are, I am.  We are connected through, by and in love.  We are the manifestation of Goodness, including the veggies!  So, I support you in every endeavor that allows your transformation.

Peace and Blessings!