Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Calling Truths

Where do I begin?  What do I say in this place of inspiration? 

How are you?

So many things are happening around me.  I'm ready to share them. 

I've used Operation You as a place to inspire you and me through encouraging words and truths.  I love it.  But, now I'm ready to go past the surface and share with all of you the organic substance that makes me, me.  I've grown to become the writer that wants to share deeply the attractive and the not-so-attractive things about me, which I know it will take courage to face.  Come what may, I surrender to these truths, and I know that my journey is one to share because I'm no longer afraid to share it.  I know that you will encourage and inspire me.  We will encourage and inspire each other.

I am in my next to the last semester, and it's been a long, long, tedious journey.  I finally graduate in May 2012.  I'm unemployed and have been since June 2012.  I'm at peace with my "new place" of faith.  My source, the only source, the only cause is God!  There are times I have to be reminded of this truth.  I can laugh now.  However, when it happens, it's not a laughing matter to me.  I think now that maybe it should always be a laughing matter because it is my over thinking that makes me act like I'm grasping and surviving for my basic needs.  All of my needs are always met.

Welcome to this new place of trust and peace.

Thank you for communion with me.   I look forward to sharing with you.

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