Thursday, August 11, 2011

Let's talk about Faith

"You must have faith, Vickie." These are the words that I've heard so often growing up in Greater Faith Tabernacle Church of God and Christ. I tried to have faith with all of my might.   The more I tried, the less I had faith. Thoughts of doubt would arise, causing me to worry, and then I would worry that I had negative thoughts.  What a vicious and an exhausting cycle to be caught in.

The people who claimed to have faith or who actually had faith seemed so positive and sure about their faith.   But, I wasn't sure. I would speak of faith and think one last time about doubt before I tried my hand at having faith again. I became so engrossed in making myself believe I had faith that I focused on convincing myself instead of focusing on what I had faith in. This cycle went on for many years right into my adult life.

I realize now that Faith is the realization that we are more than what we see and experience. We've all heard and relished in this beautiful scripture, "Faith is the things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen." Faith is just knowing and realizing that we rest in a place of peace, love, joy, and security. These things of beauty are always here and available.  The Universe is peace, love, joy, and security. 

Faith is accepting that there is a Presence that makes the wind blows and the sun rise. We don't have to convince ourselves the sun will rise; we just know it, expect it, and accept it. So, we don't have to will anything. When we plant a seed in the dark soil, we know the effect will be that it pops through the soil.  Life is always moving and grooving!  We recognize this groove because we are life. 

Our acknowledgement that Divine Presence "IS" is great faith. We don't have to do anything but just realize, know, and accept that we are greater than anything we see. The cause behind our existence is the same cause that produces what we see.

 Listen within by standing or sitting still for some time. It may sound like noise at first with all of the mind conversations, but then just beyond that, you will see, hear, feel, and know that you are full of faith because it is the realization of what you see, feel, and know!  You know that you are alive and well, and you are full of love.  You.  That’s faith!   That's trust!

Love, Liberty and Love!