Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blessed I Am

Blessed I am to hear the sounds of the wind
Blessed I am to see the sunrise above my head
Blessed I am to hear the thunder that boost my soul
Blessed I am to feel the presence of love when there is no one around
Blessed I am to breathe the unlimited air
Blessed I am to sleep with joy
Blessed I am to smile within, reflecting outwardly
Blessed I am to say I love you as many times as I can
Blessed I am to give beyond my understanding
Blessed I am to know the truth about life and love - One Source - One God
Blessed I am to kiss a flower that responds with another one to kiss
Blessed I am to listen to others with love, compassion and in unity
Blessed I am to know peace and to live in peace
Blessed I am for the courage to be me
Blessed I am to know who I am - I am forever evolving
Blessed I am to to be free to share my blessings with humility
Blessed I am for you
Blessed I am for you to share your blessings with me
Thank you!

Peace and Blessings!


Baracka said...

beautiful. thanks for sharing, and yes you are blessed, today declare new things Isaiah 42, god will help you rejoice in him Isaiah 41:10 - god bless you and yours.

SE'LAH... said...

yes! blessed am I!

thanks for reminding us of the simple yet important things in life. i love you, Ms. Vickie and am blessed to have your wonderful presence in my life.

kokila said...

Beautiful. i love this picture.Nice view and shot.