Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hi Everybody!

How are you?  I know this post will find you in sheer joy and happiness!

It has been well over a month since my last post and I am just so thrilled to have the summer off from school so that I can continue to do what I so love to do, which is to share my hope, understanding, awareness and love with all of you!

Sometimes I feel so confident about my Divine Purpose on this earth that I wonder if I am humbled enough or show humility while being so confident.  I asked how do I remain confident about my Divine Self but also balance with humility.  Well, during yesterday's meditation the language of love filled my heart.  I now understand, feel and know that humility IS confidence!  With Divine Guidance, humility will always be at the center of my life.  Humility is the confience to accept the truth about who you really are - love.

To open our hearts and minds is to rest in love.  To surrender to peace is to adore and be grateful for life.  To understand our true nature is to accept that we are Divine, Beautiful and Extraordinary because we are created in, with and through these wonderful attributes! 

How great it is to be you.

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