Monday, April 4, 2011

The Melody

There is a melody that is forever flowing, forever listening to the sounds of our hearts and creating beauty that lifts our souls. This melody can be heard by ALL if we just listen closely. No matter how distant the melody seems to be, it is always there to hold us up even when we don't realize what's holding us.

This melody is love, peace, joy, beauty and calmness all in ONE! One power, one sustainer and one provider that is omnipresent. The birds can't help but to sing to this melody. The wind can't help but to move with this melody. The ocean can't help but to be immersed in this melody. We, spiritual beings, can't help but to listen, sing, move and become immersed in it!

Even when we experience difficult times, the melody is soothing to us. So, when you need comforting or just want to listen to a song, listen to the beautiful melody of your soul, heart and mind. You will recognize this melody because it will comfort your entire Being and you will know your reality, which is you are a Divine Expression and it is perfection.

This melody may sound quiet at first, but then you will realize that the quietness IS the melody and it is beautiful!

Allow yourself to become immersed in the melody, always.  It is your peaceful haven.


Yiota said...

Very beautifully said, although it is sometimes hard to remember. It shouldn't be hard though, you're right.

Shell said...

My heart smiles at this. As always, eloquent and luminous words.

Barbara Williams said...

I really needed this today Vickie, thanks for sharing your heart, soul and vision! I needed a pick me up this morning and you were the first person I thought about so I came to your website because I knew I would find blessings, peace, and the beauty of life.

SE'LAH... said...

i embrace silence, and you.

love you sistahfriend