Thursday, March 10, 2011


The eyes I feel, the ears I receive and the touch I witness are true Love from that which is greater than us.  The Divine Intelligence is always watching, always feeling, and always hearing our wants, needs and desires for these things are implanted within us by Divine Love and Intelligence. All we need to do is become aware of them.  The minute we become aware, love, peace, joy, abundance, prosperity, creativity, health and wholeness bud in our lives like a delicate flower pushing through soil.  To put it another way, these wonderful gifts are actively waiting for us to accept them.  They are always there.  We must nurture our souls and push through the thickness to witness the sunshine of love.

You choose whether you want the outpouring of these wonderful gifts to go into an oversized bucket or a small coffee cup.  Yes.  What you imagine is your destiny so think big, be big, love big, give big and receive big.

How great it is to be loved and how great it is to love!  The cycle of  love never ends.


Baracka said...

Imagination is everything, what you imagine already exist
by faith and love
thank you for the beautiful words

Nneka's Hairology said...

Such beautiful word!! The cycle of love is a wonderful thing, thank u for sharing :)

rebecca said...

What you think/believe, so it shall be. Very good post.