Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why I lied!

One day recently I spoke to someone about something and told a lie.  Me, lie?  I couldn't believe I lied.  "Why did I lie?" I asked myself repeatedly.  There were no consequences for the lie other than the guilt I felt because it did not affect me or the person I lied to.  It was something very general and fun, but still, it was a lie.

During the course of that same day, I thought about my lie and I knew that this topic would be the first thing I deciphered during dawn meditation.  Well, before I could speak the words, intuitively, the answer came to me like the sun hovering over the Earth.  The answer felt warm and peaceful.  The guilt I carried up until that point dissipated like mist into the air.

I realized that errors are of the physical nature.  What I mean is that GOOD is all that there is.  This GOOD is the reality and not an illusion.  Our errors are illusions that we, humans, create in order to fulfill the need to express something, like a creative idea, that we ultimately surpress because of belief in lack, limitations, doubt, and yes, fear. 

I find more time to do the opposite of what I know I should do.  This lie helped me to understand that I need to do exactly what I need to do or else it will be expressed in other ways, whether I like it or not.  Our souls have a need to be creative, expressive and loving.  These qualities will come through one way or another.

So, if you have experienced something that is resting in your mind as guilt or sadness, close your eyes in stillness and peace and allow your spirit to speak to you.  Your spirit is in partnership with GOOD - GOD!  We are created in the space of GOODNESS and we live in it, daily.  The answers are within.  Go on the journey of self-discovery and stay there to create the true essence of your life. 

You are the Divine Expression of GOOD!  I give thanks for it!


Wanda said...

Love this. Lovely.

Anyes said...

So much inspiration when I read your words. Thank you :-)

Baracka said...

beautiful, thanks for the reminder and ill be still and allow the holy spirit to work in my heart... blessings to you and yours

SE'LAH... said...

you are such an inspirational writer. love you.

Tracy said...

These words especially resonated, Vickie: "...I need to do exactly what I need to do or else it will be expressed in other ways..." Much to consider before we think, say, or do. To be the best possible, divine expression... that's the meditation. :o) Thank you for sharing what's on your heart today. Happy Days ((HUGS))

margie said...

good sound inspiration for all of us.

Yiota said...

Your words are very inspiring, Vickie.
PS. No, I'm afraid I never got the package; no idea why.