Monday, January 3, 2011

An Harmonious Journey...2011

Well, It's the wonderful year of 2011!  The year of 2011 is just excited to have our presence as 2010.

Even though our evaluation of time is based on a sequence of events, love, peace and joy knows no time.  They are forever flowing and they must flow through you.  You and I are the expression and the resting place of love, peace and joy.  We make the deposits into the world.

The time for us to enjoy our beautiful lives is now.  Animals don't wait until tomorrow or next year to live.  They don't even wait for the rain season.  They live until the rain season returns.  Animals live without wondering about tomorrow.  They live harmoniously through Life.

The trees grow in the spring and hibernate in the winter. They live in harmony.  The ocean flows continuously.  If every human put our hands in the ocean simultaneously, the water still flows.  It will flow around us, through our fingers, around our wrists. 

Our 2011 journey is simply space for us to experience the true essence of who we are, as 2010.  The Divine Presence is space in which we live.  Don't believe me?  Think about actual Space where Earth and all the other planets float.  Beautiful Intelligence we call God, provides us the very space for every living thing.  That same space is in us, through us and a part of us.  We are in partnership with the Divine Beauty.

You are on a journey to experience every facet of life.  What a gift!  I see great things happening for you in this space called Life.  Rest in knowing that "now" is the time for you to feel the expansion within your soul.  "Now" is and always has been our power.  Thank God for it!

Happy New You!


Dori said...

Thank you for this BEAUTIFUL post and for trailing all of that beauty over to my blog today :) You were truly a spiritual sign that I needed today Vickie when you came over to comment. Again I simply say thank you! Lots of love and Happy New Year!

Shell said...

Happy New You, as well,Vickie.
Your words always shine with beauty and wisdom.

Anyes said...

I thank you so much for your very kind words to day and I love how you always come, at the time I need to remember to take it slower. Bless you

Tracy said...

Hi, Vickie! Wishing you & yours all the very best of health, happiness, peace & joy in the New Year! :o) ((HUGS))

lisaschaos said...

Oh how wondrous! I'm so glad you came by! Happy New Year to you!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great post! I love the line, "Animals don't wait until tomorrow or next year to live." This is so true. When I catch myself putting things off, or not actively living life, I remember nature, and that I am a part of nature. And therefore I get to live fully in this moment, no matter what. Thanks for these beautiful words of wisdom :)

rebecca said...

AMEN! Very well said.