Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness - Recognizing Her

I am not sure why I drove through Zaxby's, a high-scaled fast food restaurant, on my way home from class.  I got out of class the usual time of 9:15 pm and proceeded on my standard route when I pulled into Zaxby's.  I thought, Vickie, you are not hungry and you don't eat this food so why are you pulling in here?  I scanned the bright menu and ordered a small fried pickles.  This should be interesting.

At first, nothing stood out about the young woman at the drive-through window.  I gave her my last $10.00 for my $2,00 bill, all the money I had.  She stepped away for a few seconds and an understanding began to brew inside of me; she is love and she needs to hear it.  She came back to the window and stretched her hand almost inside my car window.  I looked in her eyes.  She looked in her mid-thirties and her eyes were deep with heavy black eye shadow and eye liner.  The woman seemed to use the dark make up to hide the entrance to her soul.  Her eyes didn't look spooky, but almost unworthy. 

"May I ask you to keep the change?" I said.
She said, "Why?"
"Because I want you to have it."

She questioned my intent through her eyes and said, "We are not suppose to take tips."

I said, "This is not a tip."

Again she asked, "Why? Is it because I'm always here working?"

"I've never been here before," I said.

She said, "I don't understand."

I agreed, "Me either, but I want you to have this because I want you to remember that you are beautiful.  You are special.  You are here with a purpose - a great purpose.  And don't let anyone or yourself tell you any differently.  You deserve this [..money] and so much more.  You deserve Good.  So, don't be afraid to receive it.  Ok?"

"You are making me cry," she said in a soft voice as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

Tears also filled my eyes and I became honored to be in her presence. 

She returned to the drive-through window with a much larger container than what I paid for.  The blackness around her eyes smeared a bit, but I did see the light of her soul perhaps because I looked for it.  It has always been there.

"Thank you," she said.

I said, "No, thank you.  You have a wonderful evening and beautiful life."

She nodded as tears fell down her cheeks.

I drove away thinking about what happened.  Immediately, my ego wanted to question my intent, but I wouldn't allow it.  The awareness within me recognized that I didn't have time for my ego to talk me out of the action I took.  That's the beauty of listening within.  When we are in constant communion with the Divine Presence, we are able to express the Divine Presence without a thought.  It just happens.

Something GOOD beyond me knew what she needed and I accepted that.  I recognized the beauty, the peace, the love and the joy that is in all of us, and in her and I'm thankful and grateful for the opportunity to have recognized it in her.

This is my Random Act of Kindness.

Sponsored by Se'Lah over at Necessary Room and Anyes over at Far away in the Sunshine.  They are hosting their version of A Random Act of Kindness day.


Anyes said...

Wow!!!I am speechless and totally admiring your heart. Very powerful gesture that will undoubtedly change this young woman's life in more ways that we can ever imagine. BRAVO!!!
This is really what Random Act of Kindness means in everyday life :-) Thank you for sharing, Vickie

Baracka said...

beautiful..... you brought tears to my eyes... blessings to you and yours.. and thank you for the reminder of the random act of kindness....

Christina said...

how very lovely.

Se'lah said...

WOW!!!! My eyes are filled with tears. You are beautiful!!!!

Tracy said...

Your gift has been given to many now, Vickie... first to the sweet young girl, then to yourself, and now to all of us who read. You are love in motion. I love that! You RAK lifts & I must thank you for the gift of your comment to me at my place--I have been lifted by your kindness. My hair situation may be a puzzle right now, but I know it will get better. My heart is resting in trust. :o) Thank you for today. ((HUGS))

Shell said...

A beautiful story, Vickie.

lisaschaos said...

Very touching moment. You are such a wonderful spirit! HUGS for all the things you said to me the other day too - I've read it and went back and read it and went back - maybe that's why I like writing and reading better than speaking, lol.

Lisa said...

That is so powerful! You made me tear up too! What a beautiful soul you are Vickie. Have a lovely evening wherever you are right now.

Relyn said...

This is the most beautiful story. Thank you.

Dori said...

What a TRULY wonderful story Vickie! Reading that just touched my heart. The true power of love is amazing! Thank you for sharing and for being a light in that young woman's life :)

Gayle at Planet M Files said...

Oh, Vickie, you are such a beautiful person. You've got me all teary eyed, too!

Joanna Jenkins said...

You have a beautiful and generous heart.
Happy World Kindness Day!
Cheers, jj

m. heart said...

Tears! This is just beautiful!