Wednesday, September 29, 2010

if you were here...

I could take you outside at dawn so you could see
the morning glories open up to reveal your favourite colour.

We could go on a walking meditation upon a mountaintop,
then jump as high as we can, and try to grab passing clouds by their tail.
oh yeah, i think i'd like that ;)

I could take you for a drive down long and windy, country roads.
I'm sure you won't mind if I turned up the bass and volume on the radio,
open all the windows, and let the wind blow through our dreads.

And since we're in no rush, we could head on over to the coast
to watch the sun play hide-no-seek behind the endless horizon.

And when night begins to fall, we could join the girls outside
and create shooting stars with sparklers.

*I'd love to hear what you would do, if you were here*

*My dearest Vickie, I sure wish you were here, but I'm thankful that you are sharing your thoughts more often these days.  Your dose of positive was most certainly missed.  Love you lots.  one love, Se'lah

Monday, September 27, 2010

Inspirational Monday - Live the Impossible

I absolutely love this photo!  It's pure. Bright. Light. Calmness. Beautiful.  These are just a few things that this photo demonstrates to me. Thank you Se'Lah!

Often during dawn meditation, my heart is opened and I become enriched with so many inspired thoughts of givingness, joy, love and wisdom. I usually write these thoughts down in my journal because they are evidence of the Divine Intelligence that operates through you and me, if we allow ourselves to operate in that place of stillness. 

During Saturday's meditation, I wrote this down in my journal:

I constantly have direct contact with the Infinite Intelligence.  It's all the time.  I didn't hear this.  I know this because I feel it.  That's the spiritual communication that is always flowing.  I have to stay spiritual to receive the communication and to give it.  It's a two-way communication, but it's one.  It is all one communication simultaneously. That means I am one with the Spirit.  It breathes me.  Yet, I have a choice through it.  I surrender to it.  I surrender my choice to it and I let it be.

There is nothing that we cannot achieve. If we just only realize how beautiful and powerful we are, we would see, know and expect greatness and the impossible ALL the time.   The GOODNESS is not just at our fiingertips.  It's greater than that because it is everywhere including right there where you are and in each of you.  There is nothing stopping us from living our lives fully, but us.  We are here to do so.  Let's do it!

Happy Inspirational Monday!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Joy is always flowing...

I missed "Inspirational Monday."  So, this will just be "Inspirational Today."

My daughter, two nieces and I were on our way home from the Olympic Centennial Park in Atlanta when we pulled into a Wendy's parking lot to take this photo of the sunset.  The girls had on bathing suits and were really tired.  We had driven about 45 minutes to Atlanta from the suburbs with no air conditioning in my car, but we were on our way to get it fixed. As a treat for dealing with the stifling heat in the car, they played in the park's water fountain to cool off.  They had a blast!

On the ride home, everyone in the car was silent until I saw the sun.  "Look everybody," I yelled.  The inside of the car became lively.  My daughter said, "Let's take a picture."  So, we did.

For the next few minutes, we were lost in time and space.  The sheer joy on all of our faces made me realize that recognizing the beauty is wonderful, but stopping to feel the beauty is a reward in itself.  Gratitude and appreciation stayed with us long after the sun finally set.  Joy is always flowing and is always available to us.  We just have to remember to stand in it!

Peace and Blessings!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekend Concept - Breathing in life!

It's the weekend and it's beautiful here in GA.  The high will be 91 degrees, but it's not the July 90's so it doesn't feel as hot...yet.  My family and I had breakfast on our front porch this morning and the breeze was wonderful!  I wanted to take a picture, but I decided not to delay this post.  Today is a good day.

As you can tell, I've been working on my blog some to reflect where I am on my journey.  I think I'm liking it but time will tell.  I need to do a few more things.  So, thank you for tolerating me as I go through this process.  It's definitely a work in progress.  In fact, if you have any suggestions or comments about my new look, please feel free to share them.  And don't be shy!

I accept this beautiful life that is given to me daily.  Every breath I take reminds me to be grateful for the next one.

Happy Weekending!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My "Gift of Jewels" is here!

Yeah! I've received my beautiful Gift of Jewels from Tracy over at Pink Purl. Aren't they just beautiful? Tracy sent me a handmade card that is adorable and this photo doesn't do my bracelet any justice. It is gorgeous and it feels so good on my wrist! I love it. I haven't had the opportunity to wear my bracelet yet, but I so look forward to wearing it soon. Thank you so much Tracy! And thank you Se'Lah for being the instrument to spread love around the world through the Gift of Jewels project!

It's been awhile since I've posted on Operation You and I miss it! My intention was to, at least, leave some inspiration here in between my busy schedule. But, I'm back...again. I plan to make my rounds and I thank you and appreciate all of you who continue to come and visit Operation You!

I'm grateful for all of you!