Thursday, August 19, 2010

Because I AM...

please, say it with me.

I can think positive thoughts Because I AM positive
I can live in love Because I AM love
I can reach my dreams Because I AM created for them
I can feel healthy Because I AM born into perfection
I can see beauty Because I AM beautiful
I can feel peaceful Because I AM peace
I can feel joy Because I AM joyous
I can think goodness Because I AM good
I can enjoy you Because I AM enjoyable
I can practice Truth Because I AM Truth
Knowing the Truth has set me free
We know we are all of these wonderful things because we are Life.
We are real.
We are Truth.
We are powerful.
Negativity is an illusion that we think and perceive.
All of our spirits are connected and we are one with the GREAT Power and Love, God.
One Unity. One Love.