Friday, July 23, 2010

Secret Treasures

I had to display this photo again. It is perfect for this posting. Don't you agree?
Thank you Se'Lah!

Have you ever looked at one of your old storage bends or one of your old trunks where you got an urge to go in it because you didn't know what treasures you would find? Have you been excited to see something that you've forgotten was in there? This something allowed you to travel in time within and made you smile? And other times you have also asked, "Why did I ever keep this?" It brought memories to the surface you wished you never had retained.

That's how our memories work; some call it our subconsciousness. It is a storage bend or trunk. Every experience and idea are stored in our subconsiousness including the ones we perceive not so pleasant. We have to remember that even when we think we have gotten over something or got rid of something that we don't want to experience again; often, we have held on to it.

We have to totally release anything from our memories that could hinder us from growing and reaching our purpose for being here on this beautiful planet we call Earth. We have to bring "it" forward from our subconsciousness to our consciousness, our present awareness and then we can release it. We immediately replace it with something beautiful like a song or favorite inspirational poem or simply an affirmation. My body trembled as tears rolled down my face as I brought forth some unpleasant memories within my soul. But oh my, once I completed this work, I felt like a feather.

We need to detox from all of those negative things that we forgot we stored. Anytime a feeling comes up that is not pleasant, evaulate the thought behind that feeling and then release it. Practice letting go and replacing it repeatedly with knowledge of the truth until the new thought is imprinted in your soul. A thought of truth is to know that everything around us in Mother Nature continues to operate harmoniously whether our perceived day is bad or good. Mother Nature knows of nothing wrong, of nothing missing or of nothing bad. If something interferes with its harmony, such as man, She adjusts and keep on being Mother Nature.

Our thoughts and the stored thoughts and memories are there to remind us of our experiences but we have the power to change our experience by understanding that we are the power. We are the GOOD. We are born with it and it has always been. There is no convincing of ourselves. We must know simply because we exist.

We are simply here to experience ALL goodness and the Grace that is upon us is simply a deep love and a deep givingness by our Creator. This is called Life. Life grants us the key to ultimate wellness, peace, happiness, joy, beauty, abundance and of course an everflowing power of love! That's what Life is. There is no other. You are the secret treasure. Look within.

This is your destiny and I appreciate you.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Limitless Possibilities

I was afraid to have faith because I thought, "What if it really doesn't work out?" There was something in me that found it easier to believe the negative thoughts and situations. There was something in my mind that continued to fuel my doubt. It was fear.

Then I understood that to believe is just to believe but to know is true calmness. Knowing that all is well - that we were born into complete perfection - allowed me to see clearly. Knowing comes from acceptance that we are not just here. We are here for a purpose.

I see beauty. I see love. I see joy. I see limitless possibilities. I listen with my heart's ear and I listen quietly and confidently. All is well everywhere. It is such a blessing. I am grateful.