Thursday, June 17, 2010

Grounded in Power!

Sometimes we feel like the weight of the world is making our bodies lean to either side and sometimes we even feel like we constantly lean forward with our backs arched and our heads hanging low. We feel like we can barely hold our bodies up. It's almost like fruit hanging on a thin branch of a tree. The branch almost touches the ground because it is so heavy with fruit.

We may be leaning, however, our base is strong. We have a foundation as strong as a tree and as solid as a tree's trunk which is deeply rooted in Mother Earth. So, take a deep breath and lift your shoulders with me and stand boldly rooted into life's foundation and that is God - Our foundation of truth.

This beautiful Presence that some call God is forever supporting us, lifting us, encouraging us to keep standing. We may have to release some perceived problems just like tree branches release fruit to gain posture. When we release (letting go) these problems, we unfold and we recognize how grounded we are in our foundation and we become true to ourselves. Our roots become stronger and we feel the lightness and bliss of joy!

We have the power. We are the power. Be grateful for the power and use the power to do extraordinary things because afterall, we have come to this life to indulge and share the greatest power of all and that is Love!