Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Power of Turning Within

Just when I think that I have arrived at that "point of no return" is when I find myself revisitng old thoughts and negativity that elevated me to seek out truth in the first place - the truth that is within me - the truth that's within all of us.

I returned from my wonderful vacation where I visited six islands in the Carribean within eight days. I have to admit, after five days, I was ready to leave that cruise ship and get back to my life. I'm excited about my life and I'm so thankful that I can say that I am. It took awhile for me to arrive to this part of my journey where I can say that.

However; when I returned home, I felt a wave of negativity. I know where it came from but it was almost like my ego - my mind said, "I got cha." My Being was just as persisted as my ego. I know that all of the peace, love and joy comes from within my soul and I knew this and I know this now. I have the power and I am the one that deposits the gifts of peace, love and joy into this world. I am created with these gifts and so are you. We are to share them with the world.

So, for three hours earlier than dawn, I breathed deeply and allowed the awareness to come forth. I listened and listened and then I went to sleep free of worry, doubt and fear. Excercising meditation and affirmative prayer are gifts from our Creator. Always use them. That's our power.

Listen to your heart:
I Feel Like Letting Go - Rickie Byars Beckwith


SE'LAH... said...

Always looking to the bright side of life. Glad you had a moment to experience the Caribbean Sea.

lots of love.

Wanda said...

Welcome home. Welcome peace.

margie said...

you will be fine. breathe in that island air, remember it and hold it.