Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Leap of Life

Hey Everybody!

Well, it's been a long, long time since I last posted but I do have some exciting news. I've been diligently working on completing my first manuscript. This one is my baby. Sure, I have other incomplete works that are sitting around begging for my attention but the one I'm working on now is my first leap into writing novels. The title is called Stone Cold Secrets and I have an elated soul because I have the opportunity to be creative until my heart is content!

It's amazing how Life takes you on this wonderful and sometimes bumpy ride only to drop you off right where you started. It's the purity, peace and creativity that scurried you along when you were a child. It's the enthusiasm to see what is just around the corner that will thrust your soul forward. You have to make the leap and if you don't, the bumpy part of the journey of Life becomes the reminder of the smooth part. That smooth part of Life's journey is where and what you should be doing to make a meaningful deposit into Life.

I'm thankful for the bumpy part of the journey because it is the piece where guard rails are GENTLY and lovingly supporting us on both sides to keep us going on the path of Life. We will eventually end up right back where we started and that is to love Life, ourselves and others and to give of ourselves unconditionally. My friend, this love is a natural stepping stone to ultimate creativity and that's how our Creator expresses itself through us. We create beautiful masterpieces in this Life and our essence is a stamp on other people's lives along the journey!

Happy Inspirational Monday!


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Wow. This is a deep post. Congrats on your manuscript and in finding peace in your creativity.

I love you.

Shell said...

That's brilliant,Vchelle.

sunnymama said...

Congratulations! Life is a wonderful journey.

I have a recent Inspirational Monday post: