Friday, March 12, 2010

Do you truly want peace?

Sometimes we feel we are surrounded by walls of rigidness, lifelessness and yes, even doom. But understand these feelings come from one place and that's from our minds. Fortunately, our thoughts are not who we are. You've read this statement many times here on Operation You. Writing this statement with repetition reminds me that my Essence is the source that I want to feed my mind, allowing positive thoughts to flow through me. I write to remind you as well.

Peace doesn't come through our minds. It comes through our essence, our being, our souls, our hearts because we are peace. We were born with peace. We generate peace. We receive peace from one source and that is our Creator! Peace is breathed into us every minute of each day.

All we have to do is see peace everywhere we look and we will, without a doubt, feel it because it is within. We are able to see it in others and in any event. The beauty is that no matter what chatter is going on in our minds and what situation or event that is plastered on the television, we can still see and feel peace. Awesome!

I'm so thankful! I leave these words with you from Howard Thurman. Read them out loud because when you do this, you will understand that all there is for us to do is to be open to our purpose here on this Earth. We all have a purpose or else we wouldn't be here!

The Goal of Life is God!
The source of Life is God!
God is the goal of man's life, the end of all of his seeking,
the meaning of all of his striving.

Howard Thurman

(Taken from 40 Day Mind Fast Soul Feast - Michael Bernard Beckwith)


SE'LAH... said...

peace IS within.

I really enjoy your posts. Thanks for this lovely one.


sunnymama said...

Love the words of peace. Just calling by to let you know that I received the beautiful world peace poster that you donated to the gift of jewels giveaways. Thank you so much. I love it! :)

I've blogged about it here:

Dori said...

Reading your post just made me relax :) Thanks for slowing me down for a moment.

Sissym said...

Hello, I come to know you. Love read all that I could. Nice to meet you.
Cheers! Kisses from Rio de Janeiro.