Saturday, February 6, 2010

Love Conscious

I've missed yet another Conscious Friday over at Se'Lah's Necessary Room. I continue to think about Se'Lah and Conscious Friday so I consciously feel like giving a little consciousness in dedication to Se'Lah. Loving Se'Lah is so easy!

Everyday my sincere intent is to consciously check my love status. From minute to minute, I evaluate my words, my thought patterns and my actions to understand my behavior and what place my reactions or responses come from. I ask myself, " Is that ego or love talking?" I began doing more of this looking within after attending the meditation retreat.

During meditation, I'm so excited to understand the clarity that resonates within me. I understand why specific people are in my life and believe me, I write it all down in my journal to remind me over and over again. I discovered that every single person that is in my life is there for a reason and I am in their lives for a reason. When I wrote my chart identifying the names and the reasons why they are in my love, peace and understanding swirled around me like the winds of a tornado. I no longer needed to ask that question, why?

I consciously practice love. It can be so challenging sometimes especially when my mind/ego tells me that this person doesn't deserve my love for whatever reason. I am love. We are all love. To try and separate love from the essence of who we are is like our bodies trying to function without a heart. Love is breathed into us by our Creator. Isn't that just divine? The very breath that we take to keep us alive is love. Love heals us. It challenges us. It feeds us. It showers us with compassion. Love allows us to be thankful and grateful. Love is peace. It is simply our lifeline! It has to be or else we wouldn't be a part of this beautiful creation!

I'm consciously loving you and accepting love everyday. Every hour. Every minute! I know you are too.


SE'LAH... said...

Guess what?

Gayle said...

This is so beautiful, vchelle. I love your love consciousness!

sunnymama said...

Thank you for your love Vchelle. With love to you :)

rebecca said...


So very well said. I just inhaled and took a full, deep breath with these words. Your words made an impression ... to evaluate one's words and see if they are birthed from ego or love. Excellent. I will certainly be more aware. Thank you.