Monday, January 18, 2010

Simply knowing...

I thank you so much for all of the warm hellos, positve energy and love that I'm currently feeling right now as I write this message. I've tried to write this particular post for over a week now and named it "Simply Knowing." However, I'm not sure what or where the beautiful Spirit was leading me when I gave this post the title. You know what's more intriguing about this idea? I have no desire to change this title. I'm not even sure why I chose this photo. I know that it's beautiful. It represents freedom to me.

What comes to my soul right now about this title is, "when you know that you know," no one or nothing will alter what you feel because if you listen with your heart and your soul and remain still in listening deep within, you simply know. You know that "This too shall pass." You know that nothing is greater than the love that is within you. It's your direct connection to an overflow of pure beauty. You know that regardless what your eyes see externally; internally, you understand the powerful winds of peace - love - joy that constantly swirl around you in abundance even when you are not paying attention. These winds are always there, everywhere.

You simply know so go ahead and smile in knowing. Be confident in knowing. Accept that you know and live in peace!


Gayle said...

So beautiful, vchelle! Thank you for sharing your positivity with us!

SE'LAH... said...

i am holding on to these words,
"this too shall pass"

and being still and listening
to the voice of love within.

i love you.


Cam said...

Won't you be my neighbor, V...

I would love to hear words like these from such a soul sister every day!

Sending you love from a little farther south.

Shell said...

Simply knowing is a powerful statement and title.
How much happier would people be, if they just listened to themselves and made peace with what they know to be true for them.
Sending you much love.