Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Simple Things

I'm excited to join in, finally, with "The Simple Things" extravaganza from Christina's Soul Aperture! I'm elated to be part of recognizing the simple things that make each of our lives so rewarding and incredible! So, here I go...

Dawn meditation and prayer
Deep breaths
The first hug of the day from my daughter
Green Smoothie
A smile from anybody
Snuggling with my hubby
My Blender
Chocolate and Peppermint Teeccino
Dancing with my daughter
Raw Food
Sending love, peace and joy everyday, all day to you!


SE'LAH... said...

loving dawn meditation and prayer. so soothing to the soul.

i love you, my sisterfriend. a lot.

Tracy said...

So much delight and blessings, thank you for sharing, Vchelle...Lovely to meet you today! Happy Day :o)

Yiota said...

love, peace and joy; yes! beautiful list!

country girl said...

Green smothies and rain...Yes!

Cyndy said...

Hello! I come to you in the wake of Christina's love. Thank you for your lovely list. Snuggling with hubby. Deep breaths. Ah, yes...

rebecca said...


Cam said...

I love a good green smoothie, and so many other things on your list!

Peace to you, friend!

Sherry said...

smiles and rain and love!!!! xo

Christina said...

you really filled me with calmness, with dawn meditation.
i adore you.

Shell said...

A beautiful list, Vchelle.
I love Rain too.

gayle said...

Oh, yes! The first hug of the day is a sweet one! Great list,vchelle!

Relyn said...


Me, too. Me, too.

I love, love, love the rain.

So glad you do, too.

Darcel said...

I wanted to let you know the Princess Tiana poster came in the mail the other day. My girls LOVE it! We're looking for a frame to put it in, so we can put it on their wall.