Monday, November 9, 2009

I'll be back...

Hello everyone,

For the first time in awhile I'm actually stumbling on what to say here in my sacred spot. Operation You has been so good to me and I hope it has been as equally good to you. I have written through the toughtest times and I have written through times where I was gleaming with hope, love, peace and joy.

Unfortunately, I will need to take a a break from blogging, as the articles are coming fewer and fewer. With school and the funnel of life right now, it's been a challenge to supply this sacred space the attention it needs and deserves. With that being said, I will be back and know that I will visit all of you as much as I can.

To all of my followers, thank you for listening, believing with me and practicing peace on your spiritual journey. Remember, I'm still here in blogland and please know that I treasure each of you!

As always, I'm sending positive energy your way and a boat load of peace, love and joy!!


Single PAP said...

lovely photo.
be well.

Wanda said...

Oh, I do hope you'll be back. It is good that you are taking good care of yourself and I'll look forward to your visits.

Dori said...

Have a wonderfully renewing blogging break :-)

Your site is such a comfort to me each time I visit.

Alycia said...

More importantly, sending you peace, love, serenity and strength. Take care of yourself. See you back soon I hope :)

SE'LAH... said...
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SE'LAH... said...

I'll be with you always
through whatever journey
sending you lots of
positive vibes and love
as you take a rest.

Love you with my BIG heart
all the way to God's house.

Christina said...

Thinking of you.

Shell said...

I am sending you much love, my friend. When you ready to come back, you will. See you soon.

gayle said...

vchelle, I'll miss you words of wisdom! I wish you all the best, my blog friend! I'm looking forward to your return!

lisaschaos said...

You enjoy the break and the holidays! :) Love your butterfly!