Monday, September 28, 2009

Inspirational Monday: Cycles of life

The ocean is so magical. I remember when I was in Mexico during my cruise vacation; I was standing on the beaches of Progresso looking at how the water cleansed the very soft ground that I was standing on. As new sand washed up on the beach, the old disappeared into the fast-moving waters. I now compare this water and sand movement to the cycles of life.

Our egos/perception tells us that we have good days and we have bad days, but did you know that happy frequencies and bad frequencies come from the same energy source, which is the energy of impermanence? It is always moving and that's why we perceive days of "good and bad."

The cycle of impermanence is the natural cycle of life. In that, I mean that we need bad days to regenerate in the cycle of life. We need to get rid of the old - old thoughts, old emotions and old feelings. We need good days to understand when we encounter bad days - accepting the new - new thoughts, new mini-journeys, new understandings. This concept is the natural law of life.

However, peace and joy are ALWAYS available to us on good days and bad days because we don't need any external factors to give us joy and peace. Our genetic makeup includes joy and peace. Why, because we are spiritual Beings. So, the next time you understand that it is not a good day, close your eyes and look within to get a glimpse of the joy and peace that you have in the middle of chaos. It's stillness. It's calmness. Its quietness and it is our avenue to escape all drama.

Accept the chaos and move on because after all, it is not permanent. Accept the happiness, enjoy it and move on. Peace, joy and love are ALWAYS! We are these very things!

Happy Inspirational Monday!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Conscious Friday: Sending lots of support!

Photos courtesy of CNN
While waters flood the streets of Paulding and Douglas Counties and other surrounding Atlanta areas, I realized that it is a lot worse than I could even imagine. Although my neighborhood didn't suffer any loss or wasn't impacted like others, the Paulding community did suffer as a whole. Roads collapsed, bridges collapsed, water covered rooftops and large holes became natural ponds.

I know a couple of people who lost everything. We are now helping by donating what we can to the families.

When times like these occur, it is always a natural instinct to be conscious of our surroundings and to be thankful for all that we have, even if we feel it is not enough. We must be thankful and grateful!!

Sending support and lots of love to those who experienced loss during the floods!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The energy of money...

During these difficult economic times, it's easy to get distracted and focus on what we don't have or what we need to hang onto so that we maintain our level of security. I'm here to echo the words of Dr. Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith. "Money is simply a promissory note. We never spend money - we circulate energy in the form of money. It always comes back to us."

I accept all the energy and its bolt of lightening that lines my pockets of life!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Inspirational Monday: Spreading the inspiration

Just when I feel like I can't go on, someone or something gives me a dose of inspiration. So, I'm paying it forward to you and sending you a huge dose of inspiration!

Happy Inspirational Monday!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Conscious Friday: I am conscious

Today, I am conscious of her smile

his eyes

her touch

his voice

his nod

a sincere thank you

her holding the door

her laughter

its sound

its color



and I'm truly grateful that I am conscious

of this and so much more.

Happy Conscious Friday!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Love Thursday: Love Shadow

In the night

In the day

I walk with long strides

Hope, faith and peace in my mind

There is no shame to my pace

It's only time

Time to heal, time to forgive, time to believe

That my love shadow is waiting to be seen

Almost instantly, it is recognized with disbelief

Love Shadow was always there, hanging from my heart's beam!

Happy Love Thursday!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Inspirational Monday: Conversation with Innocence

It has been such a special weekend. I had a major breakthrough where my body was not reacting to the thoughts in my mind which felt like sand weighing on my neck, shoulders and down my spine. Lightness swirled around me a like a feather blowing in the wind. I smiled with such joy and I was intimately grateful!

My nieces and daughter were painting and drawing while I was making dinner today and needed more spaghetti sauce, one of their favorite meals. So, I took a drive to the corner store and my daughter jumped up from her play partners and said, “Mommy, I’m going with you.” I said, “Sweetie, I’m coming right back.” She persisted, “Let me get my shoes.” I waited for her. I found it odd that my nieces had no desire to jump in the car. A trip to the corner store meant a possible chance to get their favorite candy. Only now I see with my mind’s eye that I was about to have a conversation with innocence.

Jannah and I opened the doors to my car and landed our feet on the parking lot of Dollar General and she looked down immediately and said, “Mommy, what is all of these little white things all over the ground?”

“Cigarettes,” I told her wondering if she had ever seen anyone smoke a cigarette before as I knew that would be her next question.

“Why do they throw them on the ground? We have to protect the Earth.”

“Yes we do sweetheart. Yes we do.” I hurried into the store looking at how my three-year-old daughter studied all of the cigarette butts the aligned our paths into the store.

As we shopped quickly, I thought about how many people do not think that throwing cigarettes on the ground is pollution but yet, a three-year-old little girl thought deeply of how easy it is to use the trash can to “protect the Earth.”

Touched by Jannah’s wise innocence as I acknowledged the lightness I felt at the moment, I asked her, “When mommy feels sad, what should I do?”

“Think about me Mommy.” I smiled at her and said thank you. Then she said, “I love you Mommy.”

“I love you more, Jannah.”

I started the engine to my car and drove while she snapped pictures of me with her instant camera we just purchased.

Wisdom not only comes from the mind, but it also comes in the form of innocence. The energy of the innocence operates at a high vibratory frequency level that is steady, strong, and unwavering and it continuously releases joy, love, happiness and peace into this life. Innocence has its place and we are to cherish it and allow it to remind us that it exists and always has existed in all of us.

Breathe deeply and look within to have a conversation with innocence and then smile with gratitude!

Happy Inspirational Monday!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Conscious Friday: Part II - A song for you...

To all the families and friends that suffered the lost of loved ones on September 11, 2001, this song is for you. I hope you can somehow smile through your lost and live in peace.

Listen to your heart: Return To Innocence...Enigma

Conscious Friday: I want the same for you.

I had the best gift for my pen pal for the "Gift of Jewels" project! I went to her website and knew immediately what I was going to do for her. Yes, it was perfect! I was so excited about sending it to her that I couldn't wait to get it in my hand. I visualized her face with such a sweet smile that it reflected the joy she felt in her heart and her soul. My aim was to make her entire Being glow. It felt so good inside to want something of excellence for someone I didn't even know. That's what we are here for everybody - to give and share overwhelming love and joy with each other.

Anyway, I wasn't able to send that perfect gift even after I waited two weeks for it . I was so disappointed that I really had to work on shaking that feeling and to not allow myself to place blame. I told myself, "Ok V, you just need a plan B that's all." That's all??? It was the perfect gift!!!

The person I relied on to help bring this special "Gift of Jewels" gift to life got sick. I was impatient and then it clicked, "How many times have I apologized because I was not feeling well?" I'm so glad that I became conscious of my selfish attitude and I practiced letting go and acceptiing that plan B will be just as good because it came from the same enthusiasm and the same Being.

My lesson is to call on my personal lessons to accept other lessons. We should be conscious of expecting things from other people based on our personal standards. Our standards are our beliefs - our egos, and we must operate from a place of understanding because there is a chance that someone had to be understanding and patient with us during the same scenario.

I'm conscious of wanting for my brother/sister the same I want for myself and that is peace, understanding, patience and love!

Happy Conscious Friday!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The art of visualization

Yes, that's me. Can't you see my black and white bathing suit? Can't you see me and my little girl sitting at the picnic table while my hubby sits in the "manly" chair?

I see us. I feel the breeze of the ocean. I smell the freshness of the wind flowing from the ocean. That ocean breeze is some kind of healing thing, I'm convinced!

Without a care - with love- without a doubt, with calmness - without stress - with laughter, I see. I feel. I am there!

Excuse me while I work the Law of attraction thing; feel free to join in!

Happy Love Thursday and happy visualizing for the best you and watch how your life unfold!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Inspirational Monday: Courage to Accept

I hope that all of you are well!

I can’t believe that it’s been five days since I last post. It feels longer than that, I must admit. Writing here in Operation You reminds me of the joy I get from spreading light and love. You see, one must exercise love and rely on the beautiful light within to encourage others. In other words, I must bring into existence the very words that come from my soul and act on them myself. “Operation You” keeps me honest!

I also realize that it takes a heaping amount of courage to encourage someone and for me that someone is you. Through meditation and prayer, I feel it in my bones that in my essence, encouraging others is one of my gifts to give in this life. With courage and great conviction, I accept!

A couple of years ago, someone (she’s a doctor of metaphysics) that I admire personally and I was extremely excited to talk with told me that I was courageous. I laughed out loud! Me??? “Ah, I don’t think so,” I told her. Fast forward to now. From her perspective, I understand now. I understand and accept with deep humility! It takes courage to travel opposite of norm. It takes courage to look deep within and yes, it can be painful and downright excruciating, but the rewards of cleaning out the cobwebs in order to live our true and authentic selves are astounding! I’m not at my full potential; none of us are, but realizing that our lives are about living up to that potential and bringing it forth is a huge step in the right direction on our journey to peace.

I write from my heart, my soul, my Being this morning that it takes an incredible amount of courage to accept our purpose in this world as we know it. The most extraordinary thing about our journey is that the love, patience, beauty and compassion that carries us - that’s within us – that surrounds us – that created every living thing is the beautiful Presence that’s rooting for us, that’s cheering us on and that is equipping us with what we need to just BE! All we have to do is accept! We already have the courage, just quietly look within.

Happy Inspirational Monday!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blog Awards: Award! Award! Read all about it!

This is has been a busy week and I’m glad that the Labor Day holiday weekend is here. Vacation is knocking at my soul too. I’m looking forward to a couple days off where I do nothing!

In the meantime, it’s been a few days since I posted, which I really miss. So, I wanted to take this time to say thank you to the lovely Shell and Gayle for sending me some love and recognition! Now it’s time for me to pass the torch!

Miss Watermelon Award
Shell from Swanofdreamers with such sophistication and sweetness honored me with the “Miss Watermelon Award” and the “You’re An Awesome Girl” award. Shell, you are awesome too! These luscious awards entail providing you with six things that I love and then pass it on to six people. This is not one of my favorite things to do, but I’m so humbled by those that send such positive energy to me. It’s so hard for me to choose. But, here it goes.

Six things I like in no particular order:
1. Encouraging others
2. Taking Cruises
3. Veggie Sushi
4. Writing
5. Surprising others
6. Love to dance
It's a Major Award

“This award is for anyone who likes to smile and/or laugh, and just generally spreads that along in the blogging world we all travel in.”

Gayle over at Planet M Files caused a major smile to come across my face and my heart when she provided me with the “It’s a Major Award.”

You know, I’ve decided to pass this torch to everyone who come to this blog and read something that inspires you to inspire someone else! If you fit the script, then these awards are for you!!! You know who you are so take these awards and pass them on, please!!

Sending lots of love and recognition simply because you are you!