Thursday, May 7, 2009

You - The Woman...

Shouldn't I realize

Your the hightest of the high

If you don't know that then I'll say it

So don't ever wonder

This is a dedication to all the wonderful moms - to all of the cool sisters - to all of the supportive wives - to all of the loving daughters - to all of the magnificent teachers, attorneys, business owners. This message is to one of the most prestigious and extraordinary Beings - you - the woman!

We women love others unconditionally but sometimes forget that we have a relationship with ourselves. That relationship with ourselves sometimes causes us pain when we perceive that the people we love unconditionally "hurt" us. The relationship I'm referring to is the fact that we set expectations on what we "think" we should do and how we "think" people should respond to what we do. "When you have a relationship with yourself, you have split yourself into two: "I" and "myself," subject and object. That mind-created duality is the root cause of all unnecessary complexity, of all problems and conflict in your life. In the state of enlightenment, you are yourself - "you" and "yourself" merge into one," per Mr. Tolle.

This concept of a relationship with ourselves is dissolved when we accept what is and just BE. We do not have to strike out. We do not have to judge ourselves or others harshly or at all. We do not become the victims. We don't have to correct anything because we see nothing needs to be corrected, maybe addressed, but not corrected. In this day and time when women feel we must carry so much of the "burden," we have to ask ourselves, is it really a burden or is that how we see it? In fact, the "burden" may be "self-reflective consciousness." We want to awaken so our Beings choose this "burden." This thought of "burden" that we carefully position on our shoulders can really be understood as our road to enlightment.

Understand that you are magnificent with or without someone to love you. You are incredibly brave to step out on faith even if it appears that there is no support for you. You bring the strength. You bring the love. You bring the peace. You bring YOU - the beautiful, intelligent, phenomenal woman that you are. Just BE you! No expectations, no sorrow, no pain and definitely no drama!

I celebrate you - the woman. We are strong, we are beautiful and we are life!

Happy Love Thursday You Intriguing Woman!

Listen to your heart: Maxwell - Ascension (Don't ever wonder)


SE'LAH... said...

This is a wonderful piece of writing!
You are so right. BE. The perceived "burden" is immediately released when we accept that what will be will be.

I love this post...needed it.

Happy Love Thursday!

margie said...

every wednesday i get together with three other girlfriends for lunch and then we study torah with a very orthodox rabbi for two hours. every week we say the same thing as we sit down at the same table in the diner, "it feels so good to be here". it feels good to be here with you as well.

Gayle said...

You are so amazing! I love this post! You have written this so beautifully. Thank you for being you!

Gayle said...

Oh! I forgot to say, Happy Love Thursday!

Katie in MA said...

We are large, we contain multitudes, to paraphrase a wee bit. It's a wonderful feeling to just accept yourself with all of your complexities and just don't worry about a thing.

Christine said...

Beautiful words to live by!

Happy Love Thursday!

Journey Wildly said...

Living free when you allow yourself to just BE!

Love it & Love you, Lady V!!

Happy Love Thursday...

CarrieJ said...

I'm trying to let it BE :)
Happy Love Thursday Woman!

Anonymous said...

Strong, Beautiful and Life...we are so wonderfuly blessed as woman. Thank you for being you...this was great!

Love you,

sunnymama said...

Another beautifully written post with a wonderful message! I love your reminders to just Be. It's so simple but sometimes seems the hardest thing to remember. Coming here helps me to ground myself and return for a while to my true nature of Being. Thank you :)

Wanda said...

Happy Love Thursday!

Great reminder of the beauty and power we are as women. Thanks.

lisaschaos said...

Ahhh, what a great post! I'm glad I didn't miss it!