Sunday, May 17, 2009

Inspirational Monday: The colors of life...

As I look at the beautiful, vibrant and exhilarating colors of the flowers that are blooming, I feel so in tuned to the same powerful energy that exist within me. It’s almost like I can’t physically move enough or stretch enough to satisfy my body's desire to engage in the movement of life. I should add that recognizing and feeling this internal energy is healing!

What is so astounding about the perception of the life and death cycle in nature is that the flowers or any life can’t grow forever. They must “die” in order to make room for a new and continuous cycle of life. And when the new life comes in the spring, the old has already withered away. This concept is the same for us humans. When the new arrives, thoughts of sadness are replaced by joy and excitement and definitely gratitude and appreciation for the newness that fill our lives! This concept applies when we lose a job, a home, money, jewelry, and friends and yes, even a loved one. “We are eternal Beings having a human experience.”

So, let’s try not to hold on to the cycles of success and failure. Neither is actually good or bad, it’s simply life. “Dissolution is needed for new growth to happen. One cannot exist without the other.” Let’s hold on to the present moment because it is sacred and that’s all we have! In fact, we are the colors of life!

I’m inspired to continue to not resist life but to embrace all perceptions of it because what we resist - persists! And who needs that kind of suffering? Accept and move with the colorful flow of life!

Happy Inspirational Monday!


SE'LAH... said...

Sending a big HUG your way,
as you always inspire me
with your knowledge and wisdom.

Beautiful post!

Happy Inspirational Monday!

Gayle said...

vhcelle, you always give me something to think about! I love your line that we are the colors of life! How very inspirational that is!

Anali said...

Well that's a nice way to take on a Monday! Thanks for the inspiration! ; )

Wanda said...

Hmm. Flow. Good reminder not to get caught in "I want what I want when I want it."

Happy Inspirational Monday!

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

Great inspiration for a rainy day Monday!

Big hugs to you, V!! You are one vibrant, beautiful flower!

sunnymama said...

Such pretty flowers and a very inspiring post! I love the thought that we are the colours of life. A lovely way of becoming more aware of the present moment.

sunnymama said...

and Happy Inspirational Monday :)