Thursday, May 14, 2009

Harvesting the love...

Phenomenal photo taken by Se'Lah

Distance happens so fast

Before realization the time has passed

Branches of this and branches of that

Connected to the tree stump planted solid in the earth

The source which peace and love continues from birth

Feel the energy

Careful not to bump into internal/external synergy

Know that it's an on-going journey

With ever-moving systematic prodigies

In every corner of life but often recognizable from above

Don't wonder as you stare at a beautiful dove

Just know I'm harvesting the love

Only to peacefully share it with you.

Happy Love Thursday!


SE'LAH... said...

You stole my heart with this post! The love between you and your hubby is sooo strong. I can feel it from miles away.

Happy Love Thursday, my loving sisterfriend!

Love you all the way to God's house with my BIG heart.

margie said...

i think i am jealous that se'lah gets to actually know you, in person!! real life. have a very happy love thursday.

Katie in MA said...

Happy Love Thursday! I hope this week is less of a challenge and rests easy on your heart.

Christine said...

Awww.. *tear* Time moves so fast! I frequently wish I could press rewind...

Happy Love Thursday!

Christina said...

I see the heart in the tree, and in your words. Beautiful.

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

Oh goodness...

Aren't we so blessed to know these kind, strong, loving men of ours?

I wish you more peaceful days ahead!

Happy Love Thursday!

Gayle said...

This is so beautiful! Se'Lah's photo goes perfectly with it!

Happy Love Thursday!

kath said...

haha, sometimes margie and i accidentally use each other's photos! hlt everyone!

vchelle said...

You know everyone, I just have to mention when I wrote Havesting the love, I wasn't thinking about my husband in particular. I was thinking about all the people that emailed me, called me via phone, blogged to me and I haven't yet responded. That's the beauty of poetry, people get out of it what they feel! My husband thinks it was cool poem too!

sunnymama said...

Harvesting the love is such a beautiful concept! I love Se'Lah's picture, it's perfect. Happy Love Thursday :)

sunnymama said...

Also, wanted to say it was lovely that you called by at sunnydaytodaymama today, and don't worry if you can't get by often because it's always lovely when you do anyway :)

Wanda said...

Took me a minute to see the heart, but I got it. Thanks for being in my world.