Friday, May 15, 2009

Conscious Friday: Children - the little people

Jannah insisted on making me a birthday cake three weeks later when she realized I didn't have one for my birthday.

Jannah the Rasta girl!

Jannah, the musician...

Jannah is such a joy to watch as she sprouts right before our eyes. She definitely has her own strong and loving personality and a special kind of way with words. I can honestly say that as a “wiser parent,” I don’t know if I would have been as in tuned with the beat of my daughter’s soul when I was younger. What comes from her Being surprises me daily and I’m thrilled with the wonderful opportunity to feel her beautiful and powerful presence.

A couple of days ago, she was talking in what I call her “baby” voice and I said to her, “Jannah, why are you talking and acting like a baby?” Keep in mind, I tell her daily that she is my baby. She didn’t answer and stayed in my arms holding me tightly. I felt and heard her heart beat and I’m sure she heard mine. She didn’t answer my question at first, but continued to rub her cheek to mine as she talked about nothing really. I call it jibber jabber. I asked her the question again. She pulled away from our tight embrace looking directly into my eyes and said in her regular voice, “Mommy, I’m not a baby. Babies cry like this, ‘whannnnn, whannnn.’ And babies talk like this, goo, goo, ga, ga.’ Ok?” I simply said ok. We continued with our hug.

My lesson, Jannah is conscious of what she does and most children are. The daily hugs we share mean something differently for both of us. I understand deeply that she wanted to just BE! She could feel and share anyway she wanted to because she feels the unconditional and trusting love that we share. Her “baby” voice is simply her form of affection towards me. Interesting enough, my husband and I share a special “talk” to display our affection. My baby is simply a little person! It’s so amazing! Let’s remember that profound messages of beauty come from these little people! They are consciousness!

Happy Conscious Friday!

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SE'LAH... said...

I can honestly say that I have learned a lot about just letting our children BE from you. They challenge us to say "why not?" and just enjoy living life.

Having you and Operation You here to calm my spirit is invaluable. You're such a great mom too.

Love you Sis!
Love you Jannah!

Wanda said...

Yes, they are little people. I love seeing how good parents support the little Beings in Becoming. Priceless.

margie said...

many many children later, i can say only one thing. never never never think you know what your child is thinking. you are not a mind reader. there minds, big or small, are not to be read. you must ask, you must tell, you must share, you must teach and you must learn from each other. it is a hard lesson to learn because as their mother you are so sure you know them.

lisaschaos said...

Jannah is perfect!! :)

sunnymama said...

Your little person is so adorable! How sweet of Jannah to make you a late birthday cake :) She does sound such a wise and loving soul and how special to be able to witness her personality growing and feel her powerful presence. I see this with sunnyboy more each day and I value so much your encouragement to allow our children to just BE. Thank you :)

Gayle said...

Jannah is such a little cutie-pie! I love your description of your hugging love with her!

Sarah said...

"The daily hugs we share mean something differently for both of us."

I have never thought of this in such clear terms. It is very true and something that would be a good thing to remember as I interact with my children.

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

Cutie Patootie!!

How sweet she wanted to bake her mama a cake! Dylan is like that too! Doesn't it just make your day?

What sweet little souls!!