Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thank you to my friends in blogsphere!

It's been a very busy time for me over at this end. Between managing severe allergies and home life without the hubby, it's been such a paradigm shift in and on my maintenance journey to peace. And before I can send peace, I need to wiggle my way back into identifying and relying on that peace that motivated me to create Operation You! It's chaotic and the laughter comes a little bit slower these last few weeks, but I'm thankful it comes (smile).

This post is to say thank you for all of your comments, your compliments and your desire to share in the interchangaeable and heartfelt peace. Thank you! Thank you! The gratitude I feel right this moment is so healing to my soul just to say thank you.

I will be around to visit you this week as much as I can because I know I will smile with joy in reading and feeling life with you.

Love you!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Inspirational Monday: Happy Memorial Day!

To all of the solders who gave their lives with honor and dignity, thank you for your sacrifice and on this day, we remember - we cherish and we express sincere gratitude for the precious memories we owe to you!

You are my inspiration.

Sending peace, love and gratitude for all that you've done and sincere appreciation to your families!

Happy Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weekend Concept - Forgiveness


Feel the power of letting go like water falling from a cliff and then embrace that energy...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Conscious Friday: Random thoughts...

Ursula M. Burns is the new chief executive officer (CEO) of Xerox Corporation effective July 1, 2009. She is the first African-American woman to lead this Fortune 500 company. I don't know the exact number but I believe there are only about four female Black-American CEOs in the U.S. Does anyone know differently? Congrats to Ms. Burns!! I work in Corporate America and know about the struggles of breaking glass ceilings. Whatever our destination, we have the power to do it! I'm positive of that for all women!

I was listening to the security debate during a news segment on CNN between President Obama and former Vice-President Cheney and all I could think about was the fact that I've seen and heard more of Mr. Cheney since he's been out of office. Doesn't former Vice-President Cheney has medical challenges with his heart? I'm wondering why he just don't go and simply live! Believe me, he can afford to live in the luxury that most of us can only dream of (my #7 wish on my bucket list). Well, it confirmed my idea of who was actually running the show. He can't let go! President Bush gave a speech recently at a university where he mentioned how liberating it feels to be away from the Whitehouse. Interesting! I'm with you Mr. Former President!

In loving memory of those who lost their lives in battle to a greater cause, wishing their loved ones peace and serenity this Memorial Day!
Wishing you a peaceful Friday and a marvelous holiday weekend! And as always, sending you a boat load of harmony and love!

Happy Conscious Friday!

This powerful segment of consciousness is the brainchild of Se'Lah at Necessary Room.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You are not alone...

Sometimes we feel all alone in the middle of a vast storm - storm of sickness - storm of sadness - storm of divorce - storm of money issues - storm of loneliness - storm of pain and storm of suffering. The list can go on and on and the storms can vary in size and in length.

Let's keep this close to our hearts that we are never ever alone. The body of water that allows us to float and carry us when our feathers are heavy with oil is the peacefulness - the waves of calmness and the security of love. That powerful and vast body of water is God! We are floating with purpose and we are not alone. I know you can feel it...

I needed to hear and see these words myself and I'm thankful for the love and presence that I carry in my Being!

Sending quiet and steady flow of waves to settle your mind, your heart and your soul!

Happy Love Thursday!
Listen to your heart: Sound of the Ocean

Wordless Wednesday

There are more Wordless Wednesdays. Go to Sunnydaytodaymama to see more.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Think About This Tuesday: My bucket list...

Since I'm the self-proclaimed queen of peace (and I wear that hat proudly), Inspirational Monday is my attempt to allow as many people as possible join in on the same frequencies of love, peace and the present moment. Inspiring you definitely inspires me.

There are so many wonderful ideas that you bloggers create out there in blogsphere. Another one of my favorites is Conscious Friday. I participate not only because Se'Lah is a special person to me, but it sometimes challenges me to accept some things that I otherwise wouldn't accept by shining the spotlight on my perception with hopes to send a positive frequency with humility.

Of course we all know and treasure Love Thursday, the home of Chookooloonks.

Today, I thought I would dibble and dabble into other areas of interest to see what energy fields that can join together to ignite a powerful wave of beautiful emotions. So, I bring you "Think About This" from Christine at Distract Me. The "Think About This" Tuesday question is: What are some of the items on your "bucket list?" Here it goes:

As I sit and wonder so deeply, I'm amazed at how deep my bucket list is and have so much to share but I will pick out just a few:

1. Starting and finishing grad school Add Image
2. Finishing the construction of my office and basement
3. Being really present with my family at the Eiffel Tower in Paris
4. Attending Hippocrates Institute
5. Dancing on stage in front of thousands of people
6. Starting my second novel
7. My favorite: Veg out on an exclusive beach somewhere for exactly one month!

So, there you have it. I have tons more but these are the things that are broiling inside of me. It was refreshing to join in on "Think About This Tuesday" and I will be visiting other blogs to see what else I could join from time to time.

Sending positive energy your way always!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Inspirational Monday: The colors of life...

As I look at the beautiful, vibrant and exhilarating colors of the flowers that are blooming, I feel so in tuned to the same powerful energy that exist within me. It’s almost like I can’t physically move enough or stretch enough to satisfy my body's desire to engage in the movement of life. I should add that recognizing and feeling this internal energy is healing!

What is so astounding about the perception of the life and death cycle in nature is that the flowers or any life can’t grow forever. They must “die” in order to make room for a new and continuous cycle of life. And when the new life comes in the spring, the old has already withered away. This concept is the same for us humans. When the new arrives, thoughts of sadness are replaced by joy and excitement and definitely gratitude and appreciation for the newness that fill our lives! This concept applies when we lose a job, a home, money, jewelry, and friends and yes, even a loved one. “We are eternal Beings having a human experience.”

So, let’s try not to hold on to the cycles of success and failure. Neither is actually good or bad, it’s simply life. “Dissolution is needed for new growth to happen. One cannot exist without the other.” Let’s hold on to the present moment because it is sacred and that’s all we have! In fact, we are the colors of life!

I’m inspired to continue to not resist life but to embrace all perceptions of it because what we resist - persists! And who needs that kind of suffering? Accept and move with the colorful flow of life!

Happy Inspirational Monday!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weekend Concept: Smile


Smile when no one is looking and others will see the reflection even when you don't smile.

Always sending positive energy with love and humility!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Conscious Friday: Children - the little people

Jannah insisted on making me a birthday cake three weeks later when she realized I didn't have one for my birthday.

Jannah the Rasta girl!

Jannah, the musician...

Jannah is such a joy to watch as she sprouts right before our eyes. She definitely has her own strong and loving personality and a special kind of way with words. I can honestly say that as a “wiser parent,” I don’t know if I would have been as in tuned with the beat of my daughter’s soul when I was younger. What comes from her Being surprises me daily and I’m thrilled with the wonderful opportunity to feel her beautiful and powerful presence.

A couple of days ago, she was talking in what I call her “baby” voice and I said to her, “Jannah, why are you talking and acting like a baby?” Keep in mind, I tell her daily that she is my baby. She didn’t answer and stayed in my arms holding me tightly. I felt and heard her heart beat and I’m sure she heard mine. She didn’t answer my question at first, but continued to rub her cheek to mine as she talked about nothing really. I call it jibber jabber. I asked her the question again. She pulled away from our tight embrace looking directly into my eyes and said in her regular voice, “Mommy, I’m not a baby. Babies cry like this, ‘whannnnn, whannnn.’ And babies talk like this, goo, goo, ga, ga.’ Ok?” I simply said ok. We continued with our hug.

My lesson, Jannah is conscious of what she does and most children are. The daily hugs we share mean something differently for both of us. I understand deeply that she wanted to just BE! She could feel and share anyway she wanted to because she feels the unconditional and trusting love that we share. Her “baby” voice is simply her form of affection towards me. Interesting enough, my husband and I share a special “talk” to display our affection. My baby is simply a little person! It’s so amazing! Let’s remember that profound messages of beauty come from these little people! They are consciousness!

Happy Conscious Friday!

Conscious Friday is the home of
Se’Lah – Necessary Room. Go there to share your aha moments!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Harvesting the love...

Phenomenal photo taken by Se'Lah

Distance happens so fast

Before realization the time has passed

Branches of this and branches of that

Connected to the tree stump planted solid in the earth

The source which peace and love continues from birth

Feel the energy

Careful not to bump into internal/external synergy

Know that it's an on-going journey

With ever-moving systematic prodigies

In every corner of life but often recognizable from above

Don't wonder as you stare at a beautiful dove

Just know I'm harvesting the love

Only to peacefully share it with you.

Happy Love Thursday!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Inspirational Monday: A fit and peaceful way of life

This sweet beauty is Lisa. I tell her that she has a Samurai body (smile) - Hey Lisa!

This lovely beauty is Skyler. I call her the swan body - Hi Skyler!

Lisa and Skyler instructing Bodyflow class - a combination of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi.

Can I just say that I LOVE my gym with an exclamation point? Ok. I love, love my gym! There are many gyms that I have whined, moaned and flat out denied myself of a good workout because it wasn’t fun to go. With the hard bodies and muscles flexing all over the place, I felt defeated before I even attempted to get my dream body. I sighed....oh, I sighed...

But, Bodyplex, my gym now, is such a warm spirited place to visit. I look forward to going! Can you believe that? From the new-age technological equipment to the group fitness classes, my gym is the bomb (ok translation: excellent)! My preference is the group fitness classes. I won't go into all of them but you can visit Bodyplex's website to see all the details. No pre-planning needed for me about what body part to work. It is all mapped out for me. All I have to do is show up. And I can’t mention the group fitness classes without mentioning the instructors. They are superb! My two favorite instructors are Lisa and Skyler, the beautiful, vivacious and talented instructors who make me smile and feel so good about my body. They are my inspiration!

Lisa's smile and personality attracted me to her the first time I took her class. She is so passionate about making us feel like we can do anything with a little patience with ourselves. She has the energy of my two-year-old daughter. Have you ever known someone that you just admire, but really can't come up with a specific reason why? That's how I feel about her. Lisa is such a doll! I just love her.

Skyler has the sweetest voice that usually puts me to sleep during the relaxation period of the Bodyflow class. But don't let that sweet voice fool you; the girl will take you on a serious workout ride! Both she and Lisa make me laugh! Skyler's presence is so strong when we are working out, I feel good about her kicking my butt in class. It is such a joy to be in her presence!

I felt the need to mention my gym, Bodyplex, because when we are on our healing journey, regardless of what it is, it so important for us to keep the one body we have moving. Some form of exercise, a positive outlook on this beautiful thing we call life and enriching our bodies with live foods (organic fresh fruits and vegetables - heavy on the green); we experience an ultimate feeling of one love, one peace and one God! Let's live our lives with peace, love and a darn good healthy body!

Who or what inspires you?

Happy Inspirational Monday!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Understanding a mother's love

Much like flutter wings of a dove




Yet, strong


Feeling and embracing a mother's love

Believing and knowing her touch rises above




Yet, forgiving

With passion

Happy Mothers Day to all that are called to complete this honorary duty! Sending you lots of nurturing your way and of course I'm sending love, peace and more love, always!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Conscious Friday: Reversing Diabetes Movement

I can't tell you the number of people I spoke to and hear about that is suffering from some chronic illness or disease. Diabetes is one disease that stands out in my family. I can tell you that my parents, some of my relatives and many, many of my in-laws are affected by diabetes. They have to carefully monitor their insulin levels by testing their blood daily. Amazing!

I'm really confused how specialists of Western medicine react to this disease. Just the other day, my mom said that she keeps candy beside her just in case her insulin level dropped. I asked, "So, refined white sugar with corn syrup and preservatives will help you rather than eating an apple, orange or a piece of celery?" She was adamant in explaining "what her doctor said."

I took a long deep breath because I believe and know that all illnesses surface based on emotional and environmental pollutions including the pollution (bad eating) some of us put in our bodies. I also believe and know that all illnesses and diseases can be reversed through detoxification of the mind and body and then replenishing takes place through eating fresh organic fruits and vegetables - heavy on the green leafy vegetables and living and practicing peace. So, I felt convicted to help spread the message about the “Reversing Diabetes Movement.” Although, April 25th was the actual "Reversing Diabetes Movement" day, this is a movement and we should continue to spread the word.

Reversing Diabetes Movement is about using food as medicine to heal bodies naturally. You see, if we focus on building our immune systems (raw eating), our bodies will be equipped to handle the fight against diseases. All we have to do is take the step and incorporate raw food in our diets. I'm passionate about this and stand strong in my belief, as I'm a product of raw food healing!

Please, pass this information on to others. You can visit the Reversing Diabetes Movement website to learn more about this extraordinary effort. We must take our health by the bullhorns with strength, confidence and knowledge! We must build our team of doctors to partner with us in the effort.

Thanks for listening! Thanks for going green!

Sending positive energy for a strong and healthy body - also lots of love!

Conscious Friday comes from the consciousness of Se'Lah at Necessary Room. Visit to read many interesting topics and hear great music!

Take a look at how the movement is taking place right before our eyes!

Listen to your heart: Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

Thursday, May 7, 2009

You - The Woman...

Shouldn't I realize

Your the hightest of the high

If you don't know that then I'll say it

So don't ever wonder

This is a dedication to all the wonderful moms - to all of the cool sisters - to all of the supportive wives - to all of the loving daughters - to all of the magnificent teachers, attorneys, business owners. This message is to one of the most prestigious and extraordinary Beings - you - the woman!

We women love others unconditionally but sometimes forget that we have a relationship with ourselves. That relationship with ourselves sometimes causes us pain when we perceive that the people we love unconditionally "hurt" us. The relationship I'm referring to is the fact that we set expectations on what we "think" we should do and how we "think" people should respond to what we do. "When you have a relationship with yourself, you have split yourself into two: "I" and "myself," subject and object. That mind-created duality is the root cause of all unnecessary complexity, of all problems and conflict in your life. In the state of enlightenment, you are yourself - "you" and "yourself" merge into one," per Mr. Tolle.

This concept of a relationship with ourselves is dissolved when we accept what is and just BE. We do not have to strike out. We do not have to judge ourselves or others harshly or at all. We do not become the victims. We don't have to correct anything because we see nothing needs to be corrected, maybe addressed, but not corrected. In this day and time when women feel we must carry so much of the "burden," we have to ask ourselves, is it really a burden or is that how we see it? In fact, the "burden" may be "self-reflective consciousness." We want to awaken so our Beings choose this "burden." This thought of "burden" that we carefully position on our shoulders can really be understood as our road to enlightment.

Understand that you are magnificent with or without someone to love you. You are incredibly brave to step out on faith even if it appears that there is no support for you. You bring the strength. You bring the love. You bring the peace. You bring YOU - the beautiful, intelligent, phenomenal woman that you are. Just BE you! No expectations, no sorrow, no pain and definitely no drama!

I celebrate you - the woman. We are strong, we are beautiful and we are life!

Happy Love Thursday You Intriguing Woman!

Listen to your heart: Maxwell - Ascension (Don't ever wonder)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Premio Dardos Award!

I was awarded the "Premio Dardos" award…twice! I'm so excited! Premio Dardos means “price darts” in Italian. As I'm told, "This award is for bloggers who distinguish themselves for showing cultural values, ethics, great and fun writing skills, as well as individual values, through their creative writing."

Sunnyboy's Mama at Sunnydaytodaymama and Se'Lah at Necessary Room both gifted me with this honor!

You know, I travel the blog highway searching for and dropping off a little bit of peace at many pit stops. I'm in awe as I enter many post stops. I have laughed hysterically until my belly hurt, cried so hard until I couldn't catch my breath, and stood strong for what I believe in. Yes, the blog highway has been so exhilarating to travel. To all that fantastic bloggers I visit, thank you for sharing a part of you! I really enjoy you and appreciate you!

Although the rule is to select fifteen of my favorite blogs, I only wish I had that much time to visit that many blog sites. But, I can tell you the blogs I list below, they attract me, I attract them and we meet at the crossroads. I'm excited to oblige.

This is really difficult to do this now that I’m thinking about this. I don’t want to leave anybody out and I don’t want to list anybody just because I “think” that I should.

So, here is what I feel

I am now passing the torch! The rule is for the award winners to pass it on and choose.

Congratulations my blog friends! You so deserve it!

Necessary Room is also my room. You know Se’Lah that I’m addicted to digesting every word on your blog! We started out together and I’m so glad we did. You are my editor, my critic, my biggest supporter, my beautiful and courageous Rasta sister and friend. Doris called this Sisterfriend! I Love you!

Journey Wildly has an energy level that sparks fire inside of me. I’m excited to experience ultimate presence there! It’s my “wild” side to just BE! Cam, I so feel your beautiful and gracious presence.

Crazy Sexy Life is my inspiration to continue on my journey of healing, peace and raw eating. Kris Carr’s pure existence is inspiring enough! I stay encouraged here and believe and know miracles.

Gifts of the Journey allow me a little taste of what my journey could be after leaving corporate America. Freedom soars within me after visiting here. Plus, she’s an Atlanta home girl!

Sunnydaytodaymama keeps me honest in loving and understanding my daughter freely without control and fear, without doubt and with strength and confidence. I allow her to BE just as she is. Thank you Sunnyboy's mama!

Lisa Chaos gives me the opportunity to view the world through her eyes. I love sitting on the window sill looking through Lisa’s lens - her eyes - her soul! What a gift that is!

Planet M Files always takes me down exciting memory lane! I just feel silly and happy at this post stop! Thank you!

soeurs du jour - Their sister relationship reminds me of my relationship with my sister, Doris. They are a tag team just like how Doris and I were. They remind me of sisterhood, which has a tender place in my soul! You ladies are so exciting and exceptional!

Inspirational Monday: There's Hope

There's Hope!

It doesn't cost a thing to smile

You don't have to pay to laugh

You better thank God for that!

-India Arie

I'm inspired by her words because I live to hope, dream and love with unprecedented peace!

Join me please...

Soar with me...

Who or what inspires you?

Happy Inspirational Monday!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Inspired weekend thought from Necessary Room

I am enjoying my weekend doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Just came from Necessary Room reading Se'Lah's ever so funny post about how she will "protect" herself from the "SWINE" flu. Wait, aren't "they" changing the name of it now?

Like Se'Lah, I thought briefly about it and said to myself, "It is what it is." My take on it, if we build up our immune systems by maintaining good eating habits and practice methods to mentally and physically de-stress, we will have the resilience to withstand anything and we have the power to reverse any illness, disease or condition!

I believe!

Continue on with enjoying your fabulous weekend!

Sending positive energy and good health your way, always!