Monday, April 27, 2009

Inspirational Monday: Radically Free!

Member of the Seed & Feed Marching Abominable Band

My weekend was filled with amazement and joy. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had a full weekend of activity. I traveled to Inman Park Festival and to a county fair. Jannah and I were exhausted with joy!

Inman Park Festival was truly a festive and rejuvenating experience. From the music to the acrobatic entertainment, it was phenomenal! My niece, Jannah and I were drawn to the music of the Seed & Feed Marching Abominable band. What a delight they were! They were eccentrically dressed in the colors of red, yellow and gold with hats, fish net stockings, boots and other interesting paraphernalia. I smiled with excitement because I could feel their presence of letting go. They were letting go of how society says they should be or how they should dress – their jobs – their perceptions – the audience perceptions and anything in society with structure and form. Inspired, I secretly and openly said, I accept!

So, all weekend I’ve had this feeling of freedom and inner peace. Just when I’m comfortable and excited about the peace I’ve gained in my lifetime, I’ve reached a new level of inner peace. Since this past Saturday, I dressed a little bit differently and allowed me to just BE a little more boldly. I know that my ESSENCE is driving my ability to stay present. I’m so thankful!

I challenge all of you to do something just a little bit differently today. Wear a color that you never thought of wearing. Extend a hand to a stranger with a smile just because. Get the hair color that you once wanted as a teenager. Be radically free! You – your essence – is beautiful! Let's live our lives like there is no tomorrow because our power is now!

Who or what inspires you?

Sending you radical love and positive energy! Accept it, radically! (smile)

Here are some photos from the weekend in order… Enjoy!

Happy Inspirational Monday!


sunnymama said...

Looks like a wonderful festival and such magnificently eccentric costumes, so colourful and 'radically free'! I love the first picture especially. I love how you were exhausted with joy, that's such a fantastic concept. I'm truly inspired to be radically free today :)

Here's my Inspirational Monday post:
Infant world teachersThank you for the radical love and Happy Inspirational Monday :)

SE'LAH... said...

Lovely post...wonderful favourite? Need I ask...Jannah in Matt Kenseth's #17 Dewalt car. Could have been another car like say, the #11 FedEx right in the background but ok. Let go and Be Free.

Happy Inspirational Monday!

Gayle said...

vchelle, your opening line of this post is so wonderful! You convey your amazement and joy so beautifully! How cool! (And I love your photos, too!)

lisaschaos said...

How could you not be inspired with all those colorfully dressed peoples?! It looks like you had a wonderful weekend! One thing different. :)

Journey Wildly said...


I would have tapped my feet, and clapped my hands right next to you! How I miss the diversity and fun of Hotlanta. I'm about 5 hours south of you, but it sometimes feels like WORLDS away. I have got to get my booty back to the city sometime this summer!!

I love Jannah on a carousel!! Suits her perfectly! :)

That is the chicken said...

Wonderful pictures and great for colour carnival. It looks like a great festival. I want to hang upside down like those ladies!

Rebecca said...

Looks like a blast!

Linda :) said...

What a great day!! :)

Pacey said...

What a colorful parade, very festive looking. Love the colors of their costumes.

Martha said...

How wonderful and the colors are so vibrant! Thanks for playing along on the Color Carnival :-)

sunnymama said...

Great to see you at the Color Carnival :)