Sunday, April 12, 2009

Inspirational Monday: Getting up that mountain

Photo of cliff on the way up to Kennesaw Mountain's peak

These lovely ladies are Nadra (left) and Dawn (right)
Hi Nadra and Dawn!!!

After my aha! moment (click here to read about it) in the car, I walked up Kennesaw Mountain. At the entrance of the road heading to the peak of the mountain, I said, "The first person that encourages me to get up this mountain, I'm going to take their picture."

I guess because of the expression on my face told the story of pain, Nadra’s and Dawn's voices sprung out at me like thunder. “Keep going, you can do it.” I smiled and jumped at the opportunity to stop climbing. I told them about my feeling at the entrace of the trail and we had a great conversation. They were so sweet and kind especially because they allowed me to take their photo. We were equally impressed and thankful that our Creator allowed our paths - our energy to conjoin together as one. All three of us looked to the sky with gratitude.

I was inspired by Nadra and Dawn, such kindred, smiley and beautiful Beings, to get up that mountain. I successfully made it to the top. Thank you, Nadra and Dawn, because this time the expression on my face was of gratitude rather than pain because I did it with a smile. I felt the energy and the warm hellos from others as we passed each other.

God's universe had given me just what I asked for and that was the opportunity to meet beautiful people that were inspirational and conscious. What a gift! The sign posts we look for, we travel! Isn’t that powerfully amazing?

Who are what inspires you?

Happy Inspirational Monday!


SE'LAH... said...

JAH has certainly provided us with all that we need. I am inspired by random acts of kindness.

Great post. Thanks for sharing. I could just picture you enthusiastically climbing that mountain with a smile on your face. That's sooo you.

Happy Inspirational Monday!

SE'LAH... said...

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sunnymama said...

How wonderful to have people passing by who say keep going you can do it. It's inspiring to read how you attracted the inspiration that you needed!

Gayle said...

vchelle, this post is so inspirational. I don't know you in real life, but I have a feeling that you were also a beautiful inspiration to Nadra and Dawn!

sunnymama said...

Here's my Inspirational Monday link:

Free Hugs

Happy Inspirational Monday :)

Gayle said...

And...thank you for participating in Monday Memories!

margie said...

what a great story!! so were you a little sore??

lailani said...

Quite inspirational! and Yes it is so wonderful when we get just what we need!

lisaschaos said...

I totally want to cross your path! I'm like that, talking to people, never met a stranger, but up here in WI, people don't really talk to each other. I get strange looks when I speak and I have noticed that it's made me talk less. Back home, in Missouri, I was often told that I could get the life history from a tree, people always opened up to me - in check out lines, etc. I miss that.

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

What inspires me?

Oh, so much...

life, love, the journey.

always the journey

ELK said...

wonder filled story and I paused to gather inspiration here

thank youfor your kind words in my space