Sunday, April 19, 2009

Inspirational Monday: Barbara

This beauty draped in lavendar is my fun-loving friend, Barbara!

We had a fabulous time at the Renaissance Elementary Girl Scouts Mother & Daughter Tea Treasured Moments! Have you ever experienced a giddy feeling that you were unable to control even though you try hard? That was me and several other mothers I had the grand opportunity to speak with at the tea party. It was truly a grand time!

I plan to talk more in detail about the tea party (click here to read the details) but since today is Inspirational Monday, I must introduce you to Barbara, one of the shining stars and the motivator behind the idea and the implementation of this glorious event that made my “good” day memorable!

Barbara and I were co-workers. The day I became her neighbor in the adjacent cubicle to hers, we became friends. We brought the 10th floor to life! Other employees would wander down to our cubicles just because they wanted and needed to join in our laughter. We were passionate about dancing, singing and telling our family stories during our breaks. We had such a blast! The work relationship spilled over into our personal lives and I can tell you that we’ve been friends ever since.

During work, I was so impressed with Barbara’s ability to snatch an idea out of the universe and make it her own. She always turned every job assignment into something magical. I was awed by her ability to rally co-workers, managers and executives to make things happen and she did it with such grace and style. I've learned a lot from here.

Well, Barbara has taken her extraordinary ability from the workplace and applied it to every aspect of her children’s life. I’m so amazed at her energy level and her passion to bring and show the world to her three children. She asked the Girl Scout team, "Why not have our own tea party?” And when they agreed, she said, “Ok, I’ve never been to a tea party so what do you do? That’s just like Barbara. She is so special and funny. She just takes on her idea and brings such a distinctive quality to everything she does by making it her own.

I’m so inspired by Barbara’s love and desire to stay involved in her children’s schools, their extra curricular activities and most importantly, her passion and love that she spreads to everyone she knows and meets. She is the reason why we all connected on such a peaceful and loving level. She is truly a loving force!

I have much to share with you about the tea party, but I want to first show you the beautiful women that made their hats sophisticated… Their presence shined and I was excited to be one of the receivers!

Who are what inspires you?

Happy Inspirational Monday!
Photo desciptions are on top...

Barbara speaking to us "tea" ladies - She's wearing that hat!
Have a closer look at Barbara's hat - beautiful!

Ms. Sonya in yellow and black (Hey Sonya, love that vibrant smile!) and yours truly on the right - We shared the same table.

I was walking by and snuck this shot - Her pink bow reminded me of a butterfly.

We had a best hat contest and this beautiful lady shared the win with another lady!
This classy lady was the other winner of the best hat content!

Meet Tracy, she and I talked about blogging! She was rockin that hat with such sophistication!

The next sweet lady, Grant, warrants two photos. Her beautiful hat made me think of a peacock or bird. I loved it!

Again, Happy Inspirational Monday! I hope you enjoyed it.


Mrs. Barbara Williams said...

WOW!!! This was such a tremendous blog. I am so impressed and grateful that you were able to attend as well as share the fun we had. I hope that everyone enjoy the posting of Vickie's blog. As always Vickie you are an inspriational woman as well. I love you and again, thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Barbara Williams

SE'LAH... said...

This post is PHENOMENAL! You are PHENOMENAL! The hats are PHENOMENAL! I LOVE THIS !!!

SE'LAH... said...

p.s. I forgot my link for Inspirational Monday.

sunnymama said...

I would've loved to have worked on the 10th floor with you and Barbara. Actually I would have loved this tea party too! It looks like you had an amazing time. All the hats are glorious.

Here's my Inspirational Monday post:
The Greatest Gift you can give to your child

susand said...

I absolutely loved the Tea Party pictures. I wish I could have joined you. Thanks for sharing and for allowing all of us into your world!


margie said...

i love these hats!! it is so wonderful how some people can motivate others!!

Wanda said...

Hi, Barbara. Nice to meet you. What a beautiful group of women! (And hats.)

Gayle said...

Thank you for sharing Barbara with us! What a wonderful woman she sounds like! Those hats are amazing. I remember when I was little, one of my favorite things about Easter was that my mom and I wore hats. It was the only time we did. It was so special for me! I'll bet all of the ladies and girls attending the tea party had a wonderful time!

vchelle said...

I thought I would try responding to comments..I never know what the etiquette for blogging is...

Barbara - girl, you know I love you too! thanks for making it a special day!

Se'Lah - thank you! It was phenomenal!

Sunnymamma - we used to have a blast! You would have been welcomed with open arms to join us!

Susand - thanks for coming to OY and commenting.. really appreciate it!

Margie - Barbara is just that, a serious motivator!

Gayle - my sisters, mom and I used to wear hats on Easter Sunday too.. In fact, that's what the tea party reminded of..

Thanks for taking time to read this blog...and commenting!

Katie in MA said...

Sounds like you had such a fabulous time! I loved seeing everyone's smiles as much as the hats - I can just tell you ladies know how to have a good time!

lailani said...

Those hats are all so great! And the happy faces are wonderful - looks like a fabulous time was had!

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

Thank you, Vchelle, for being part of and sharing the light and love of these beautiful, radiant, inspirational, & very fashionable women!

What a day you had!

Also, being a native of Ky, and so well versed in the Ky Derby...I've seen some hats in my day, but these were sensational!!

Sonya (sunnyhugz) said...

Hey V. Thanks for the shout out. Yes we had a marvelous time at the Tea darlin'

Dori said...

Barbara sounds like an amazing lady who loves life and shares so much with all those she loves. Thanks for sharing her with us. And I LOVE the hats...Wow! They make me remember my mother and all the ladies at church when I was growing up. I love the beautiful array of hats. You and all the ladies looked amazing! :)

Anonymous said...

You ladies are beautiful in your hats. What wonderful event for a mother & daughter to share together.


lisaschaos said...

You guys got all decked out for this tea party! You all look lovely! I'm glad you had a great time! I love Barbara's hat - pretty!