Friday, April 3, 2009

Conscious Friday: Treat yourself to peace...

I didn’t have specific plans. I didn’t have nor wanted a birthday cake. I am so excited because what I did have for my birthday was happiness, love and a boat load of friends and family calling me, singing to me and of course writing to me in blogsphere. I began receiving phone calls at 6 am and received my last call at 9 pm and I also received voicemail messages from friends all day long. I sent the invitation for ALL to share my birth-day with me. Yes, it was a glorious day!

By the way, shyness is not my forte. I wanted to shout it from the mountain top, “Hey, I’m here. I was born into this fantastic world at six months because I AM excited to be here.” To acknowledge the beauty of all life is wonderful, but to FEEL the power of life takes such an extraordinary effort. The effort is extraordinary because it is so, so simple. All we have to do is just BE.

So, on Conscious Friday I invite you to allow yourself to be showered with beauty, love and peace. “The word enthusiasm comes from ancient Greek—en and theos, meaning God.” With enthusiasm, tell someone something that you’ve accomplished. With enthusiasm, tell someone something that you secretly want to accomplish. Then allow that person to congratulate you, encourage you and BE in the present moment with you. It could be your spouse, your child, your co-worker, your parent or someone you don’t even know. You deserve the attention, the love, the support, the happiness and the joy! Accept it! Don’t think about anything; just stay with the present moment and allow the energy from you both to connect into that main and ultimate high-level frequency - that’s Presence - that’s Peace. That’s God!!!

Look at the Earth Song video below. All of these events are manifested by one life - one love. We have and are the same.

Conscious Friday came from the consciousness of Se'Lah from Necessary Room.

Listen to your heart: Earth Song - Author Unknown


SE'LAH... said...

Great, great post !!!

With tears in my eyes, I will heed your advice on this Conscious Friday, knowing with that I am, that I deserve to be exactly where I am today.

One Love, Se'Lah!

Christina said...

I am shaking my head and saying yes, as I read your words.

Thank you for this.

Yes, thank you!

kath said...

yes, what a wonderful treat ....

sunnymama said...

What a beautiful post and song! The video is awesome. Seeing that video fills me with enthusiasm - this world and this life is amazing.

SE'LAH... said...

p.s. I just watched Earth Song and there are tears in my eyes AGAIN. Especially, since my island of Montserrat has a live volcano. Touched my very soul.

Thanks vchelle. I mean that.

sunnymama said...

Vchelle, Thanks for reminding me about this post! I love video, I'm going to save it to my favourites to watch in future now :)