Friday, April 24, 2009

Conscious Friday: Bullying causes Pain and Suffering

As someone that avoids any type of television news station like the plaque, I decided to listen this morning to see what is happening in the world today from CNN's perspective. After watching Anderson Cooper's AC360 show, I took a deep breath as I heard that two eleven-year boys committed suicide by hanging themselves after suffering from continuous bullying from school classmates. These precious Beings took their lives within a two-week span. That's heart wrenching for me!

Jaheem Herrera and Carl Joseph Walker Hoover were taunted and emotionally abused because of their perceived sexual orientation. I was in shock and I was surprised to hear my own words out loud, "What the hell?"

It is society's duty to protect all of our children. We as parents should do everything in our power to boldly and assertively address any type of bullying issue. We need to boldly address the kids that are bullying as well as address and protect the kids that are bullied for whatever reason. I know that sexual orientation is a controversial topic based on religion, extreme opinions and sometimes an attitude of pure disgust. Whatever your stance is on this topic, it is imperative that we protect every child with passion and with a level of intensity that will aim to bring love, support and peace to all children that are involved.

Because the children that are doing the bullying come from troubled homes most of the time, they also need direction and attention. One principal in a middle school in Nevada has taken peaceful action to help both bullies and the kids that were bullied. Take a look at a segment on ABC News here.

All life is precious not matter what form it comes in and we must respect it, honor it and love all life! It is our duty and it is our privilege!

For more help on understanding and finding ways to help your child heal from bullying or if you are a parent that know your child is a bully, please go to the US Department of Health and Human Services and to Kids Health Organization for assistance. Take a strong stance with your presence.

Sending love, support and positive energy around this magnificent world! Thank you Se'Lah (Necessary Room) for bringing the idea of Conscious Friday!

The following photos are of three boys that felt their only option to stop the pain and suffering from bullying was to remove their Beings from this universe as we know it. I feel your presence boys.

Jaheem Herrera, 11 Carl Joseph Walker Hoover, 11

Listen to your heart: We are the world


margie said...

this is so incredibly sad. i have a hard time understanding how this could even happen and yet we all know it does.

SE'LAH... said...

I believe May 1 is Stop Bullying day. I intended to write about it and am thankful that you have raised awareness in such an in depth post today. My heart goes out to these families. I make it no secret that I'm an avid child protection advocate...I think I may volunteer for something in my daughter's school on that day.

Happy Conscious Friday!

SE'LAH... said...

ps. Clarification: the Stop the Bullying day on May 1 is sponsored by American Girls doll

Gayle said...

This is a very important topic to bring to Conscious Friday. Thank you. The parents in our school district have long been unhappy with the attitude from school officials that we only need to teach the children that are being bullied to deal with it, and not deal with the bullies. I think that attitude is changing, thank goodness. Last month, after a year of pressure on the district from our PTA and Special Education PTA we had Rachel's Challenge at our middle and high schools and have set our sites to have it at all grade levels next year. It is an amazing program founded by Rachel Scott's father. She was the first person to be killed at Columbine High School. I would recommend this program for every school district. Here's the website if anyone is interested:

Journey Wildly said...


Thank you for shining some light on this terrible reality.

My heart hurts so badly for their families right now. Their pain must be horrific.

Bless all the children, everywhere. Give them strength, and courage, and love. Give them extra love, they need it so.

sunnymama said...

This is a very serious subject and it's so sad that these young boys took their own lives. As you said, "what the hell?". We absolutely do need to protect every child with passion. Reading your post and looking at the pictures of these young boys brings that home so clearly.

Wanda said...

OMG. How incredibly, painfully sad.

#1 Bullying must be stopped.

#2 Regardless of one's stance about sexual orientation--and whether these boys were or were not what they were "perceived" to be--how can anyone possibly think that if there were a choice to do or be or behave other than as their authentic selves that these boys would choose the path that led to their ending their own lives?

#3 God help us all...please.