Thursday, April 30, 2009

Conscious Friday: Internal Anthem

Always send a smile
It’s a universal connection

Keep the body healthy, flexible and strong
Someone will need a lift by their shoulders

Be aware of the words that we use
They reflect the emotions within

Be the watcher of our thoughts
Know they are for mapping the decisions that came from the Being/Spirit
We are not our thoughts

Feel love
Then experience peace

Recognize fear for what it is

Feel the positive energy flow that radiates in our bodies
Then automatically attract the same energy in others
Then re-attach again and again
That's continuous enthusiasm

Joy is exciting. Love is free flowing. Consciousness is acceptance of all that is present.

Eternal Life - We are!

Happy Conscious Friday!

Conscious Friday is the brainchild of Se'Lah at Necessary Room. Please join in!

He's the perfect man...

I love this photo taken by Se'Lah at Necessary Room - I just had to borrow it for this post.

Love is solid as a rock!

To all of the women out there who are dating, I stand with you in wisdom, support and excitement! Don't give up ladies. Love is just a touch away!

At twenty-seven, I told my then roommate, "The first man that picks me up, takes me on a date, gives me a kiss goodnight on the cheek, and say goodbye would be the man I marry." Yes, my friends in blogsphere, it had come down to this simple 1-2-3-step process in determining what type of man I just spent time with on a date.

Dating is such a trip! It had gotten to the point where I fired off these questions when approached for a date: Do you have a wife? Do you have someone that think she's your wife? Do you have a job? Do you have a driver's license? Do you have an address? Not to give you my version of a Sex and the City episode but even after all of this interrogation, the end result of the first date would sometimes be such a downer. If he didn't attack my throat with his tongue, one would grab a hunk of my backside. I was sooo over dating. I know you are laughing and I am too.

I'm so happy and honored to say that the first man that passed my 1-2-3-step process is the man I married. My husband is authentic and has a special way with words. I can understand the plot of an entire book from just one of his sentences which sometimes consist of five words. He's strong. He's confident and positive. He reigns peace and loves and recognizes our Creator as his source. My second favorite, he is so supportive and he tells me I'm the most beautiful, intelligent, courageous, loving and peaceful woman. He's the perfect man for me.

To Mr. R: I'm listening to my heart this morning and dedicating this song to you.

Go ahead blog friends, shake your shoulders and snap your fingers to this sound...I sure did.

Happy Love Thursday!

Listen to your heart: Jennifer Hudson - Love You I Do

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pet Parade - Meet Girley

I've been so busy today with grown-up stuff that I haven't been anywhere near a computer. I had every intention on participating in the Pet Parade and couldn't let it go by without mentioning Girley. Although, our betta fish is a male, my daughter refuses to accept that fact and named him Girley. So, Girley is what we call him. Girley is fiesty but really focuses on eating and loves my daughter to tap the glass. He responds by swimming back and forth quickly. Girley loves, loves the color red!

I've jumped on the Pet Parade band wagon at Red or Gray Depending on the Day and Planet M Files.

Now, I'm off to the pet parade!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Radically Free continued!

Continuing my radically free moment, on our way to a local county fair, my daughter and I saw an elderly woman driving the funkiest and exciting tri-wheel motorcycle. It was sparkling white with hot-pink design. She had on a white-like luminous helmet and white sunglasses. You couldn’t tell this hot mama that she wasn’t cool!!! I absolutely loved it. Jannah said, “Mommy, take her picture.” So, I did. After a couple of traffic lights, she pulled directly behind me; I jumped out the car, waved to her, blew her a kiss and took her photo. She gave me a million-dollar smile!

This wise woman in the photo may have taken advantage of the present moment all her life for all I know. She inspired me to look foward to growing wise with acceptance and in laughter, joy, peace and family! Afterall, isn't one our journeys here on Earth is to connect to the ultimate frequency of one love - one life? It is so awesome to recognize, honor and feel life!

Talk about freedom!

Inspirational Monday: Radically Free!

Member of the Seed & Feed Marching Abominable Band

My weekend was filled with amazement and joy. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had a full weekend of activity. I traveled to Inman Park Festival and to a county fair. Jannah and I were exhausted with joy!

Inman Park Festival was truly a festive and rejuvenating experience. From the music to the acrobatic entertainment, it was phenomenal! My niece, Jannah and I were drawn to the music of the Seed & Feed Marching Abominable band. What a delight they were! They were eccentrically dressed in the colors of red, yellow and gold with hats, fish net stockings, boots and other interesting paraphernalia. I smiled with excitement because I could feel their presence of letting go. They were letting go of how society says they should be or how they should dress – their jobs – their perceptions – the audience perceptions and anything in society with structure and form. Inspired, I secretly and openly said, I accept!

So, all weekend I’ve had this feeling of freedom and inner peace. Just when I’m comfortable and excited about the peace I’ve gained in my lifetime, I’ve reached a new level of inner peace. Since this past Saturday, I dressed a little bit differently and allowed me to just BE a little more boldly. I know that my ESSENCE is driving my ability to stay present. I’m so thankful!

I challenge all of you to do something just a little bit differently today. Wear a color that you never thought of wearing. Extend a hand to a stranger with a smile just because. Get the hair color that you once wanted as a teenager. Be radically free! You – your essence – is beautiful! Let's live our lives like there is no tomorrow because our power is now!

Who or what inspires you?

Sending you radical love and positive energy! Accept it, radically! (smile)

Here are some photos from the weekend in order… Enjoy!

Happy Inspirational Monday!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Enjoy your weekend, please!

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! I had the pleasure of staying over my family's house last night. It's been such a long time since I've done this and it was such a cozy feeling to not have to drive home. This morning I woke up to the soothing sound of a train's horn and I can't tell you the memories that surfaced in my mnd from hearing that sound. It reminded me of when I was a little girl.

The light breeze coupled with the sound of the train traveling by helped me to find and appreciate the loud and beautiful sound of silence. Because from silence, I then heard life - the birds chirping and moving. Yes, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

I'm off to a festival with my daughter and nieces. I'm looking forward to a happy time!

Enjoy your weekend, please!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Conscious Friday: Bullying causes Pain and Suffering

As someone that avoids any type of television news station like the plaque, I decided to listen this morning to see what is happening in the world today from CNN's perspective. After watching Anderson Cooper's AC360 show, I took a deep breath as I heard that two eleven-year boys committed suicide by hanging themselves after suffering from continuous bullying from school classmates. These precious Beings took their lives within a two-week span. That's heart wrenching for me!

Jaheem Herrera and Carl Joseph Walker Hoover were taunted and emotionally abused because of their perceived sexual orientation. I was in shock and I was surprised to hear my own words out loud, "What the hell?"

It is society's duty to protect all of our children. We as parents should do everything in our power to boldly and assertively address any type of bullying issue. We need to boldly address the kids that are bullying as well as address and protect the kids that are bullied for whatever reason. I know that sexual orientation is a controversial topic based on religion, extreme opinions and sometimes an attitude of pure disgust. Whatever your stance is on this topic, it is imperative that we protect every child with passion and with a level of intensity that will aim to bring love, support and peace to all children that are involved.

Because the children that are doing the bullying come from troubled homes most of the time, they also need direction and attention. One principal in a middle school in Nevada has taken peaceful action to help both bullies and the kids that were bullied. Take a look at a segment on ABC News here.

All life is precious not matter what form it comes in and we must respect it, honor it and love all life! It is our duty and it is our privilege!

For more help on understanding and finding ways to help your child heal from bullying or if you are a parent that know your child is a bully, please go to the US Department of Health and Human Services and to Kids Health Organization for assistance. Take a strong stance with your presence.

Sending love, support and positive energy around this magnificent world! Thank you Se'Lah (Necessary Room) for bringing the idea of Conscious Friday!

The following photos are of three boys that felt their only option to stop the pain and suffering from bullying was to remove their Beings from this universe as we know it. I feel your presence boys.

Jaheem Herrera, 11 Carl Joseph Walker Hoover, 11

Listen to your heart: We are the world

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

I wasn't going to post anything today after the tea party post but I couldn't allow myself to continue through this magnificent day without openly acknowledging Earth Day! I've been reminded of it all day and the topic has been really tugging in my essence.

I'm so thankful for this place we, humans, call home! It helps give us life...

If everyone is conscious about making a difference locally, just think what we can do collectively worldwide. At least I can start in my backyard... Take a look at who's Keeping America Beautiful.

Happy Earth Day!

Listen to your heart: A tribute to this beautiful planet earth-music by MMused

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Tea Party!

Oh yes! It was such glorious day at the Renaissance Elementary Girl Scouts Mother & Daughter Tea Treasured Moments. It was a perfect day in terms of weather. Mrs. Barbara (click here to read about her) and her team of explicit organizers did a fantastic job at bringing elegance and sophistication to our tea party. We were all smiles!

When I took Jannah to the ladies room, she and I both were impressed that even it had a touch of class. Jannah said, “Mommy, this bathroom is beautiful – everything in beautiful.” I agreed of course.

From the entertainment to the beautifully presented and tasty food and finally, to the gorgeous mothers and daughters that brought this event to life, it was such an extraordinary day! Again, I am so humbly excited to have been a part of such an event. Beautiful and inviting spirits were everywhere!

So, without further due, I present you the tea party. Enjoy!

The event began with a prelude, welcome address and the Girl Scout Promise and Law were shared. The entertainment kicked off with a ballet dance by the Tayo Reed Academy of Dance. Jannah and I got lost so we missed this dance and she was really disappointed, as she wants to be a ballerina.

Next, a violin and cello selection (sorry for the photo quality)
Miss. Christyn Ashby sang the song "Hero" by Mariah Carey. This little beauty did an excellent job!

J and I at our table. All the little girls received tiaras upon arrival! That was special! We played a game, "How well do you know your daughter and How well do you know your mother." It was too cute!

The next several photos are of the lovely table and food settings. Simply divine!

Sweet poem on a bookmarker...

Sonya and her daughter, Cyiara and Jannah played the game, "How well do you know..."

Jayla, Barbara's daughter, and Jannah - Can't you see the love?

Lovely lady serving tea after we received an explanation of tea and it's orgin followed by a lesson on the proper way to drink tea - notice the white gloves...beautiful!

Sugar with your tea?

Cyiara and Jannah - aren't they precious?

Jasma, Barbara's daughter - she was a big help to her mom and she has such a beautiful presence!

I took my hat for a breather and guess who just had to try it on! She looks adorable!

At the end of the event, all the girls were called up on stage so that we mothers could capture our beautiful daughters looking like princesses!

Jannah played before we left - She felt so free!

After our exciting day, we were ready to relax!

Thanks for stopping by! I feel your presence!