Monday, March 2, 2009

You are worthy...

I know, I know. Food is expensive. Gas is expensive. The cost of ALL healthcare makes me just cringe. What is a family vacation? Is that when families go to a beautiful destination where trees are swaying from the light wind and the flow of the water calms even the most difficult perceptions in our minds? Can I afford to buy that $20.00 book today or shall I hold on to it JUST IN CASE?…

How do we gain all that we so wonderfully deserve? The answer is to be happy and joyful about what we already have. We can begin by accepting those things that are not so pleasant in our perceptions. Acceptance brings peace because what we resist will persist. Acceptance is our willingness to do or respond even though it is not what we want to do or how we want to respond.

The next step is to find ways to enjoy what we do every minute of the day. Enjoyment brings happiness and makes acceptance just that much easier.

Lastly, make sure that we have and show enthusiasm about our lives period. Be enthusiastic about other’s lives as well. “Sending positive energy your way, always,” is my way to show you that I am eager to live my life and I am just as eager to share your life with you. I send enthusiasm to you so that God’s Universe will return that same enthusiasm back to me.

Our spirits have the ability to attract whatever we desire rather it be a new job, a new car, organic food, an extraordinary vacation, a new home, a healthy and restored body and an idea that will not only lift us up financially, spiritually and mentally, but most importantly, it will lift others.

So, be happy and joyful what you already have and more will come from God’s Universe. It will come in abundance because the more you accept and believe that you are worthy of everything in this world, the more you receive!

Sending positive energy your way, always!!

Photo taken by: Makeda Photography (This tree photo represents the innumerable blessings that we have. We have access to so much.)

Listen to your heart: Bob Marley - Everything is Gonna Be Alright


SE'LAH... said...

OMG !!! What a beautiful post. In difficult times like these, it is refreshing to acknowledge and embrace the positive side of life. Thank you vchelle for constantly providing these necessary reminders. You made my day (again).

Anonymous said...

Its so hard to stay positive.