Monday, March 30, 2009

Inspirational Monday: Jannah, the photographer…

My daughter and I strolled through our neighborhood as we often do during Spring and Summer searching for gardening ideas from our neighbor's spacious yards. Jannah, three years old, said, “Mommy, let me take the pictures.” I did. With my digital camera in hand, she bent and turned her body different directions and studied every object as if it were talking to her. It was actually hilarious to look at her!

She has never seen me take photos with such precision considering this is my first digital camera and I purchased it approximately one month ago. She inspired me to inspire her to continue listening, looking and feeling life as she sees it. These photos are her masterpiece.

Happy Inspirational Monday!


SE'LAH... said... this is an inspirational photo. It's wonderful watching children explore and enjoy nature.

You certainly made my morning.

Thanks for sharing.

Marcie said...

Refreshing to see the world thru a child's lens. I think you've got a photographer-in-the-making!!! Lovely images.

sunnymama said...

Your daughter is a talented photographer! How lucky we are as parents to get glimpses of the world through a child's eyes! Children are so inspiring.

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog (I hope your flu is getting better). I'd love to join Inspirational Monday next week as it's a lovely way to start the week, by focusing on things that inspire us.

kath said...

I love it when a little one makes us stop and shake our heads in awe .... a beautiful lesson for sure!

lisaschaos said...

How precious that the little one got a turn behind the camera. :) I love tulips!

LoLa said...

I love tulips...they are beautiful...Nice job. Laura/Lola