Friday, March 20, 2009

Conscious Friday: Organic Foods

Hypersensitivity is what happens to me when I enter into a health food store or market where organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices are plentiful. Jannah, my three-year old daughter, immediately grabs the cart. "We need agave, mommy," as she directs the cart to one of her favorite sections in the store.

It is interesting that the best foods for us - organic vs. conventional, fresh vs. frozen - are most expensive. These days I budget tightly but I never stop purchasing organic foods. Organic foods are good for our bodies, our country and our planet.

There are groups and organizations launched around the world to find and offer ideas and avenues to educate the public on organic farming and to offer an opportunity for us to obtain organic foods at an affordable price. Recently, I've been introduced to Worldwide Opportunities for Organic Farms (WWOOF), an organization that provides opportunities to learn about organic lifestyles and link volunteers with organic farms.

It is our birthright to eat healthy and be able to afford the type of food that can sustain our health.
Happy Conscious Friday!

For more information on organic farming, check out the following links:




SE'LAH... said...

Do you remember the rhyme, "You are what you eat, from your head down to your feet?"

Well whoever made that up wasn't lying.

Happy Conscious Friday!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Back when I 'WWOOFed' on an organic farm in Australia, it still meant Willing Workers On Organic Farms. Have to say the new name sounds better.

I applaud your commitment to organic food. I do the same, and happy to hear I'm not alone!