Monday, March 30, 2009

Inspirational Monday: Jannah, the photographer…

My daughter and I strolled through our neighborhood as we often do during Spring and Summer searching for gardening ideas from our neighbor's spacious yards. Jannah, three years old, said, “Mommy, let me take the pictures.” I did. With my digital camera in hand, she bent and turned her body different directions and studied every object as if it were talking to her. It was actually hilarious to look at her!

She has never seen me take photos with such precision considering this is my first digital camera and I purchased it approximately one month ago. She inspired me to inspire her to continue listening, looking and feeling life as she sees it. These photos are her masterpiece.

Happy Inspirational Monday!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Conscious Friday: President Obama

It's easy for us to judge, complain and resist "what is" especially when it comes to politics. Believe me, I have done my share of complaining. Now, I'm elated to have President Obama as the leader of our great nation. What I sense in our leader is what I hope to share with everyone I meet. Integrity. Honesty. Compassion. Intelligence vs. Cleverness. Acceptance vs. Fear. Hope. To Believe.

Will you join me on Conscious Friday to find these attributes in others while we continue to raise these attributes within ourselves? I'm conscious that I need to do my part in making our society a better place.

Happy Conscious Friday!

Click here to find out how you can get more involved.

Listen to your heart: Reason to Believe - Barack Obama Music Video

Yes We Can - Barack Obama Video

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Love Thursday: Listen to peace

When my husband and I first walked into the house we would eventually buy, we knew immediately that it was our home. We knew that our new home marked the beginning of another era in our lives. I remember walking into it and there seemed to be so much space even though the home was much smaller than the home we were renting. The day we moved into our single-family unit, I immediately thought, “This house is much smaller than our rental home but I don’t care. It’s ours.” We were thrilled!

Something happened to our perception of our spacious house. We began to complain to our family, “This house is too small for all of you to stay with us. How long are you planning to stay? Where will you sleep for three months? This will be tough because we need our space!”

As I now think back on this event, we adjusted to my family living with us for awhile and it did seem that we were out of space. We became obsessed with the people and objects in our home and stopped focusing on the beauty, the power and the stillness of space. Space is vast and filters through this life like the image of a hot apple pie's aroma traveling through the crevices of life. It is so vast that it is difficult for the human mind to comprehend. We can only sense it. But it is always there and no-thing can live without it. Space is silence. Space is peace. Feel and listen to it everywhere your eyes see because it’s visible all the time. That’s God!

Sending positive energy your way, always! Happy Love Thursday!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ask Vchelle

Often, I try to write from a place of complete stillness and peace based on my personal triumphs or others. My creativity expands not from any thought, but from depth of who I am - of who we are. Operation You is a place that we can practice feeling and relying on the Source that bridge external life with inner life. That Source, I call God.

If you have a paticular subject, topic or question that you feel I can help you with, please feel free to submit it to "Ask Vchelle" and I will address those topics or questions during postings. Remember, you can choose to submit anonymously.

Thank you for sharing your essence. Sending love...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Inspirational Monday: Nature

I'm inspired by nature. I call them angels: wind, rain, the sun, stars, the moon, flowers, plants, etc. They have no choice but to do what our creator told them to do and they do it so beautifully!

I'm inspired to choose peace over fear and love over hate. As nature, I choose as if I don't have any choice.

Happy Inspirational Monday!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Conscious Friday: Organic Foods

Hypersensitivity is what happens to me when I enter into a health food store or market where organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices are plentiful. Jannah, my three-year old daughter, immediately grabs the cart. "We need agave, mommy," as she directs the cart to one of her favorite sections in the store.

It is interesting that the best foods for us - organic vs. conventional, fresh vs. frozen - are most expensive. These days I budget tightly but I never stop purchasing organic foods. Organic foods are good for our bodies, our country and our planet.

There are groups and organizations launched around the world to find and offer ideas and avenues to educate the public on organic farming and to offer an opportunity for us to obtain organic foods at an affordable price. Recently, I've been introduced to Worldwide Opportunities for Organic Farms (WWOOF), an organization that provides opportunities to learn about organic lifestyles and link volunteers with organic farms.

It is our birthright to eat healthy and be able to afford the type of food that can sustain our health.
Happy Conscious Friday!

For more information on organic farming, check out the following links:



Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Love Thursday: We are soul mates...

“We are soul mates,” I heard a few of my friends say at different times in life. It is so exciting and romantic when humans have a soul or Being connection other than mind connection. We can truly feel the connection without any thought. It’s an amazing and beautiful experience.

Fast forward ten years – “She is not doing what she supposed to do. He gets on my nerves. We can’t talk about anything without arguing.” What happen you ask? We can’t think another’s presence. We can only feel another’s presence with our own presence. As soon as challenges arise (our resist of the present moment), we only have mind or thought interaction with each other. We constantly have mind noise about the other person. We no longer allow our loved ones space to just BE. We inject stipulations, faults and accusations based on our thoughts and our thoughts are based on our perceptions.

If the communication does not allow you to commune with one’s Being, than you must accept that one of you (or both) isn’t ready to break the identification with the mind – the ego. With acceptance comes peace.

We should listen intently with all that we are and from that place, make sound decisions. Listen to our children the same.
Sending love....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fountain of Youth

Brushing my teeth is such a tedious task for me until I looked in the mirror this morning to examine and grade my efforts. “Not to bad,” I said. Then I turn my face to the left and the right. “I’m looking vibrant, younger and healthier,” I say out loud. “I feel wonderful.” Am I drinking the fountain of youth?

The intelligence behind our creation has given us everything we need to stay youthful and vibrant even at an old age. Eating a raw diet (at least 80%) helps our bodies and our minds to stay free of toxins and boosts our immune systems to fight diseases when they begin to settle in our bodies.

Focusing on our inner bodies – our spirits – will also boost our immune systems, healing our bodies. When I say focus, I’m saying to feel the energy in your hands, feet, back and chest. Take deep breaths and connect to your inner body and feel the energy that emanates your body. That blanket of energy that you are is connected to a vibrant light that brings us peace and healing. That vibrant light is energy that our minds cannot comprehend but our bodies – the knowing – can feel and in that feeling, we find what we are and that is peace, love and calmness.

So, you want to drink from the fountain of youth? Start by claiming your body and put the same thing that we are and give to this world and that is life. Raw fruits and vegetables are alive, giving us the energy that we need. Secondly, our bodies love our attention. Give it all that it needs by focusing on the present moment and you can do that by feeling the energy field that you are while taking deep breaths. See and feel the cells and organs of your body become alive boosting your immune system. That's healing.

Remember, that energy field you feel in your body is timeless which means if you are 30 or 80 years old, it is not altered. It always remains the same strong current of Stillness and peace connected to vastness of Stillness and peace –God!

Drink happily from the fountain of youth!
Listen to your heart: La Forza - Fountain of Youth

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Inspirational Monday: A simple kiss...

What or who inspires you to feel better about you? What event or activity inspires you to do more for yourself or to do more for others? In honor of “Inspirational Monday,” please share your inspirational stories or moments.

This week my inspiration is my three-year old daughter. It was a knee-jerk reaction for her to kiss this flower when she saw it. She is tapped into the under current stillness that is in all life. She inspires me to always recognize it in myself.

Sending positive energy your way, always! Happy Inspirational Monday!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Please, sign my guestbook

I created Operation You completely with you in mind. I hope you find this blog uplifting and inspirational. I'm honored to be able to share peace with you. Please let me know you stopped by because I so feel your presence.

Happy Conscious Friday: Healing

Doris was such a fun, loving, and go-getter as a person that had such compassion about other human beings. Her spirit left this earth on February 11, 2007. I never had my breath taken away, but losing my sister stripped me of my breath. On that day, I couldn’t breathe for about 10 minutes (go to Necessary Room to read about her and you can also click here to read my tribute to her).

Doris left this earth after her battle with breast cancer. I saw my sister’s body deteriorate from the strong concoctions of chemo therapy. After her spirit transcended and five months later, I was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells in my left breast. I was scared, devastated and shocked. But, I knew I had experienced an incredible amount of stress and I also new that the Western way of treating my condition was not an option. I was not putting harsh chemicals in my body and I wasn’t allowing anyone to cut off any of my body parts.

With God’s help and my determination to depend on the knowledge that I had asked my creator for, I write in victory. I am healthy, happy, excited and passionate about my life and other’s lives. Operation You was created out of passion to allow myself and others an avenue to practice peace and gain strength through all difficult times.

So, in honor of Necessary Room’s Conscious Friday, I leave you with this message. Healing is at your finger tips. God has given us all the knowledge, tools, food and strength to heal our minds and our bodies. You must believe and know, not from your thoughts, but from the core of which you are – the peace that you were born with and that peace is God! 50% of healing is eating correctly and 50% of healing is keeping your attention in the present moment and not lost in your thoughts. I’ve discovered that all who are challenged by disease must find in it their core to radically and bodaciously forgive someone and release the negativity and resentment. This act of forgiving only comes from your Being – God!

Eat plenty of fruits and leafy green vegetables and let go of all those thoughts, pains and resentments that intoxicate your mind and body. Radically forgive all and see and feel the difference in your mind and your body. Of course, consult your doctors (read my article, Build your team) and live your life full of passion, love, forgiveness and please, make a deposit into life! You will not regret it.

Sending positive energy and love and everlasting support to heal your body!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Love Thursday: Don't Worry Be Happy

How can we drop negativity?

"By dropping it. How do you drop a piece of hot coal that you are holding in your hand? How do you drop some heavy and useless baggage that you are carrying? By recognizing that you don’t want to suffer the pain or carry the burden anymore and then letting go of it."

Eckhart Tolle

I’ve spoken with three different people recently for the first time and what they all had in common was they spoke extensively about the economy and how it has affected them. “Did you hear on the news that such and such laid off 5,000 people? Did you hear on the news about the percentage of homes that went into foreclosure?”

While it is definitely a challenge to accept the state of the economy and we are all affected by it, we must understand that all of our needs are already met. We must not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed. As stated in this recent article on Necessary Room, Back to Centre, listening to the media is a way to stay in tune to the condition of our economy, but understand that the media is ONE tool used to provide awareness. Listen to it as you listen to the movement of a washer or dryer in use. It is background noise. Don’t allow the noise to distract you from who you are. You are life!

We must still give from our hearts. We must still know that prosperity is our birthright. We must still believe that if we have $1.00 to our name, we are so rich with love, happiness, understanding, forgiveness and faith. From this point on, don’t say, “I cannot afford this or that.” Say, “I am blessed to have this $1.00. I’m excited about my life and I’m excited for this present moment." Don’t worry about anything. We must accept it is what it is and that’s ok. We must accept what we can’t change; we must enjoy what we have and we must be enthusiastic about life period.

Don’t worry, be happy! In spite of; don’t worry, be happy!

Sending positive energy your way, always!

Listen to your heart: Bobby Mcferrin - Don't Worry Be Happy

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I am Hooked on Bee Pollen, Propolis and Honey!

Spring is around the corner everybody!

After years of battling allergies that ultimately and always lead to sinus infections, I believe I won the battle on managing allergies that affect and infect my body. I am hooked on bee pollen, honey and propolis!

First, please allow me to introduce a new concept to you. Will you allow yourself to open up to the idea that diseases are a result from out of control emotions? Diseases are emotionally based. When our bodies continue to use our immune systems to fight symptoms on a daily basis caused by stresses of work, lack of money, challenging relationships and worry, in addition to environmental pollutions, our bodies continue to respond to that level of emotions even if we are sitting on a comfy sofa with a blanket and a hot cup of our favorite tea. Why? We are replaying the reel of negative and emotional thoughts repeatedly in our heads sometimes without knowing. After awhile, our bodies tell us to change and it tells us via pains and aches, diseases, etc.

Acceptance of any situation allows us to lessen the amount of strain we cause our immune systems. I've learned and continue to practice accepting what I perceive to be difficult at this present moment. I'm taking a deep breath as I write this and accepting, ie, the job I do to receive a paycheck. Sigh... Then I just let go like water falling from a cliff.

While I'm accepting, I've begun taking Bee Pollen for my allergies, a daily tablespoon of local made honey and Propolis for my sinus infection. After years of taking antibiotics, I close my eyes and understand that I will not be lead by fear in my head, but by wisdom and knowledge that God has already supplied us. It's a slow process but I feel SO MUCH BETTER! Take the time to find out about the excellent benefits of taking bee pollen, propolis and honey. Remember to build your team of doctors to gain diverse and well-rounded recommendations and to ask questions about your holistic and peaceful journey to healing.

Sending positive energy your way, always!

Sources: Book "Bee Pollen – Royal Jelly, Propolis and Honey" by Rita Elkins, MH. Click here to view the publisher for this booklet and other helpful booklets. You can purchase this book at your local health food store or order this book by clicking here.

Click here to get some information quickly at

Click here to get more information quickly at

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Love Thursday: Love is just a touch away...

To me, she was just a ghost, sort of a mere thought that shadowed the corner of my mind. She wasn’t real. Then on that early hot summer day as the music from the organ drifted into the streets, she appeared wearing all white because of Communion Sunday at Greater Faith Tabernacle Church of God and Christ. She was the young woman that was overly interested in my boyfriend of four years.

What was happening? “But, we are in love,” I told myself. I was so confused that I really was the outsider watching as the two crafted their relationship around me. One day in my bedroom of my mother’s house, I cried so hard and distinctively remember the hole I felt in the pit of my stomach. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep.

After about three months, “I got a feeling something here is bound to change.” Ten pounds lighter from the “love” diet, I began to smile again and felt alive when a young man touched me on my back to ask for 20 cents to use the pay phone (I’m telling my age, I know). This young man not only became my friend, but he helped me to identify the love I already had for myself. He was an angel sent specifically to help me. Love is just a touch away!

So, for all of you who have opened your heart to love only to get the wind knocked out of your soul and your heart, please, take a deep breath and just keep holding on. Feel the calmness inside and feel the energy you are. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are the powerful Being that is giving this world life. Love is just a touch away!

Happy Love Thursday! Sending positive energy your way, always.

Photo taken by: Makeda Photography (click to see more photos)

Listen to your heart: Freddie Jackson - Love is Just a Touch

Monday, March 2, 2009

You are worthy...

I know, I know. Food is expensive. Gas is expensive. The cost of ALL healthcare makes me just cringe. What is a family vacation? Is that when families go to a beautiful destination where trees are swaying from the light wind and the flow of the water calms even the most difficult perceptions in our minds? Can I afford to buy that $20.00 book today or shall I hold on to it JUST IN CASE?…

How do we gain all that we so wonderfully deserve? The answer is to be happy and joyful about what we already have. We can begin by accepting those things that are not so pleasant in our perceptions. Acceptance brings peace because what we resist will persist. Acceptance is our willingness to do or respond even though it is not what we want to do or how we want to respond.

The next step is to find ways to enjoy what we do every minute of the day. Enjoyment brings happiness and makes acceptance just that much easier.

Lastly, make sure that we have and show enthusiasm about our lives period. Be enthusiastic about other’s lives as well. “Sending positive energy your way, always,” is my way to show you that I am eager to live my life and I am just as eager to share your life with you. I send enthusiasm to you so that God’s Universe will return that same enthusiasm back to me.

Our spirits have the ability to attract whatever we desire rather it be a new job, a new car, organic food, an extraordinary vacation, a new home, a healthy and restored body and an idea that will not only lift us up financially, spiritually and mentally, but most importantly, it will lift others.

So, be happy and joyful what you already have and more will come from God’s Universe. It will come in abundance because the more you accept and believe that you are worthy of everything in this world, the more you receive!

Sending positive energy your way, always!!

Photo taken by: Makeda Photography (This tree photo represents the innumerable blessings that we have. We have access to so much.)

Listen to your heart: Bob Marley - Everything is Gonna Be Alright