Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pray for me...

"Pray for me," I heard President Obama say to one of the attendees of the Congress audience while he shook his hand right before exiting. After I listened to President Obama’s speech to the nation on Tuesday evening, I continued to hear those words in my heart repeatedly.

I’ve heard those words a lot in my lifetime, but last night, they really resonated with my Being as if my heart understood the magnitude of his request. “Pray for me” says I am with you through all that you are and all that you are not. “Pray for me” says I understand and recognize the same in you as in me – peace – stillness – God! Those words motivate us to send positive energy and love allowing us to accept the present moment no matter how difficult we perceive the moment to be. So, the next time you say, “pray for me” or someone asks you to do the same, don’t listen to your thoughts, listen to the core of who you are – the essence of who you are – and that’s powerful, beautiful and unwavering love and energy!

As always, sending you positive energy and a waterfall of love!

Please, pray for me… Thank you.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Rise above fear...

I had a conversation with my mother recently and really was surprised at how we both displayed such intense emotions for really nothing at all. Our conversation was really about how I made a joke and how she didn’t receive what I said in a joking manner.

Well, short sparks ignited and I reassured her that I made a joke and I really was resistant to the fact that she didn’t understand my joke. Could she really think that I was insinuating a negative statement about her? Was I really presenting her with a negative statement? What was the fear here I asked myself as I drove home?

My conclusion is that my mother and I both relied on old emotional patterns that have been locked into our egos – our thought patterns, which send signals to our bodies of how we feel we are suppose to react. These signals drive our emotions. We both became emotional and it happened so fast that I couldn’t believe I was standing there defending myself as she was. I have to admit that for five seconds, I became lost in my thoughts in trying to convince her that I was joking. But, I really think that what I “joked” about was inadequacy I felt which provoked her ego to defend its belief system.

We have to remember in all situations that we cannot allow fear to drive us. We are fearful of our identity dying because our identity, which is our belief system (also called ego), will no longer represent us. It can be an uneasy feeling to NOT know what we identify with especially when the very thing that we perceive to be our identification is lost. The beauty of losing our scripted identity is that we can just BE without knowing who we are. Thoughts of fear send signals to our bodies and that’s our emotions. So, whenever you feel down, negative, rushed or jealous, or have any feeling that makes you feel somber instead of vibrant, be the watcher of those thoughts. Our thoughts guide our emotions and our emotions feed our thoughts. This cycle becomes vicious. Create a space between You (Being) from the thoughts (mind) and step away from those thoughts and you will see your negative emotions subside. We are in control and we are the “silent watcher” of those pesty and predictable thoughts per Eckart Tolle.

Our emotions always give us an indication of what we are thinking. Remember, whether good feelings are bad feelings, our emotions always change because no emotion is permanent. Fear is a powerful emotion. However, our Beings are everlasting. Don't let fear prevent you from making deposits into this life. Some may appreciate our giving and some may not. The beauty of "making a deposit" is that it comes from our Being which is a direct connect to God! We are spiritual beings having a human experience so we should have patience with ourselves and accept it is what it is. Isn’t that a wonderful relief?

Sending positive energy your way, always!

Listen to your heart: Lock Stock and Barrel - Rise Above It

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Love Day!

I sit and wonder briefly what “I” will attract for Valentine’s Day. Will I attract a mini-vacation? Will I attract flowers and a good raw vegan meal that honors my body? Will I attract a quiet evening on the sofa with my daughter crawling on me and my husband or will I attract a very quiet evening with my husband alone allowing Valentine’s Day to be celebrated in what I call a traditional form?

Whatever I attract Valentine’s Day to be for me, I accept it. Some of the best times I’ve experienced are not planned at all. It’s something that just happens because I try to live for the moment and not think excessively about the form or structure of what Valentine’s Day should be for me. My goal is to be conscious and not allow my mind to use me – my Being – to create beliefs or delusions about what I should be doing for Valentine’s Day or any other day.

We are not our minds, our thoughts or our belief structure. We are Beings. Our minds are excellent tools to help us process the “knowing” that comes from a beautiful and still place within us. It is a place that gives life to this world and it is a place that’s far more intelligent than we can mentally comprehend. Some call it our Spirits. Some call it our Beings. In any event, that “knowing” comes from a place that has interconnection with God!

So, what we attract from God’s universe on Valentine’s Day is exactly what we should be doing at that present moment in time. Don’t resist it, embrace it because after all, celebrating “love day” is simply just to show and say, “I love you.” We can say it anytime, anywhere and everyday! We give life to this world.

Sending lots of love today and everyday!

Listen to your heart via Nina Simone...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Allow me to introduce you to Doris

We would spend hours on the phone talking about politics, relationships, our childhood experiences, our friends and our family. We spoke everyday sometimes three times a day. She was my biggest fan and I was her rationale. Her spirit left her body on this earth February 11, 2007 and since that day, I am careful to hold on to the memories that take me through the day, through the next week and through the next month. I am so honored to have been chosen to be her sister. She left the imprint of love on many people’s lives. In fact, please view the Necessary Room by clicking here to read a beautiful letter written to Doris by one of our intriguing friends.

Allow me to introduce her spirit to you. I wrote this poem for her five months before she transcended. It describes the essence of who she was. I admired her determination to succeed at everything she reached for in her life.


The door is not open Doris, you can’t go in.
No matter how high this door is
I believe I can win
No matter how wide and deep the water is
I know I can swim

That road is too long Doris, you can’t travel it.
No matter how wide this road is
I believe I can win, move over I’m signing in
As a matter of fact, please help me God
I’m traveling around this deep bend

That mountain is too high Doris, you can’t climb it.
No matter how tough this mountain is
Watch me chime in with the help of my next of kin.
Push me, Push me,
Do you understand that I’m going to win?

Let’s go, let’s go, I have something to do.
Don’t you dare tell me that I can’t obtain something new.
You can come if you want, because I plan to win
There is no door, nor any road, nor any mountain
That will prevent me from a win.

I love you with all that I am Doris!

When Love Calls - From Your Children

Shopping is one of those things that I find as a chore most of the time because there are usually limitations on how much money I could or should spend. Hey, it’s called budgeting. However, I need to satisfy my ego’s need to spend something after three months of avoiding every retail store in sight. As I fly through the aisle determining what my allotted money could buy, I say, “Jannah needs a new pair of shoes.” I always feel better about spending when it’s for my daughter.

Here I stand in the shoe department deciphering what kind of shoes she “needs.” Yes, they have her size in the Dora shoe that lights up when she walks. I was excited until Jannah began screaming as loud as she could. “Mommy, I’m hungry – I want my daddy – No, I want those shoes – Yes, I want those shoes – My leg hurt – Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.” After I “shhh” her a couple of times, she cried louder and became resistant to my voice. Instantly, I felt that she needed my attention for whatever reason, she needed it. I turned the cart to me and sat down on one of the stools in the tight aisle and I allowed all my disappointment that “my” shopping was interrupted to release from my thoughts. I allowed judgment to vacate my mental train of thought and I looked at her while she screamed and cried. I looked into those beautiful, large dark brown eyes filled with tears without a saying a word. I looked with joy and love in my heart. I was absorbed in the present moment of accepting that at this time and at this moment, my daughter needed my attention – my presence. I gave it to her. After several minutes, she said, “Mommy, I feel better now.” I said, “Good. I love you.” “I love you with my BIG heart, mommy.”

You see, our children have the same Stillness in them as we have. We all have God in us whether big or small, fat or thin, white or black. We always need to become one with our children especially at a time when we perceive difficulty. This is the time when they most need it. In doing so, our children will also learn to depend on their Being to make choices in their lives as they grow. Their decisions will not come from their heads, but it will come from a place of serenity - their Being – our direct connect to God and they will have good practice because they practice with you, their parents.

Become one with your children by looking pass their ego of I need to do “this” to get a reaction like “that.” That is their belief system which is their ego. It’s amazing how early we begin developing our egos. Become one with your children by showing and recognizing how beautiful and incredible they are simply by Stillness. Feel the love for them and with them when they call for your attention. That’s peace. That’s God!

When love calls, always answer with love.

Sending a waterfall of love!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Radical Forgiveness - Show rather than tell...

Radical Forgivness continued... You can only re-route your self back on the track of Being positive and just accept what is from others. In doing so, you bring peace to a person naturally. Sooner or later, they will avoid you or they will succumb to the peace. Sense that in others what's already inside you - Stillness.

Congratulations President Obama!

Shear Joy is how I felt when I heard the words of Wolf Blitzar from CNN announcing our new President of the United States of America. I cried like so many others and could not control the wave of thoughts that dashed through my mind like a speedboat splashing against the ocean waves. What does this mean? Am I going to get use to seeing a face of color in the White House? I hope no one hurts him. Will he be ok? I can’t believe it. Now that it has happened, now what?

After a day or so of complete shock, I began to accept, acknowledge and soak in a bath of hope, faith and love toward my country. Now, we need to allow ourselves to feel and act on what we can do to help in our communities. We should now use our thoughts to help us put in action what we feel we need to do from deep inside of us - our Being.

We, citizens of the United States, have awakened finally to what is. You ask, "What is?
There are so many different cultures, backgrounds, ethnicity and religion that shape us and I’m excited that we are finally, as a nation, becoming aware and accepting what is. There are so many ways for us to say the same thing and we are finally aware of different languages that may amount to the same meaning. We understand the message even in different languages. What is means that it is what it is. I know we have more work to do but electing President Barack Obama is a leap in the right direction.

I wish him and his family peace, love and a boat load of happiness. Help me to charge our country by sending positive energy to our government and thus, to ourselves. What we deposit into this life, we get in return. Visit to learn how to get involved in changing our nation.

Congratulations President Obama and thank you for teaching us how to get involved!

Radical Forgiveness...

Talking with Gwen is always a pleasure. She’s funny and quirky with that Southern accent of hers. Even though I have to call her ten times before she returns one call, I am elated to finally talk with her. Most of her friends refuse to call her anymore or they call as many times I have until they reach her. Some are offended at Gwen’s lack of response and I can understand why.
I continue to reach out to her careful not to become the victim myself - She’s not returning my calls and I’m mad at about it. How could she do this to me? When we take the victim approach to any situation, we give away our power. We then become submerged in thoughts of “Why?” This question brings more questions and more doubt, which leads to overall negative thinking. Of course the next stage of the grueling cycle is feeling lost in our minds powerless.

To increase the use of our power and become comfortable with that level of power that we are all capable of exercising, we must accept and forgive. Forgiveness is so powerful because it helps us to release that ball of negative energy that somehow may block our steady flow of positive energy from God. The feeling that I could have had relative to Gwen would not have been about her. It would have been about me. That feeling of inadequacy was already a part of my ego – the part that says I’m not worthy of Gwen’s phone call. Is it possible to attract this particular situation of Gwen to confirm what I already believe about myself? This is a type of question that's good to ask ourselves when we are feeling like victims.

As I mentioned in a previous article, Please, take a deep breath, breathe deeply and forgive without understanding and release the negative thought like water falling from a cliff by simply letting go – letting go of thoughts that serve no purpose but to ultimately make you feel miserable. Taking several breaths allows us to feel the stillness that we are inside. The stillness we feel is God!

Radical Forgiveness is what Colin Tipping calls it. Punch a pillow, scream, or run as fast as you can, but radically and boldacaiously forgive. We already have the GREAT powers of love, forgiveness and empathy; don’t give it up for nothing in this world because we use this overall power to make deposits into this thing we call life. That’s karma!

For more information on radical forgiveness, visit Colin Tipping's website:

Sending positive energy your way, always!