Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When Love Calls...

Love may call late at night, early in the morning, when you are in a business meeting, when you are taking a shower or come at a time when you don’t want to answer. When love calls, always answer.

Unconditional love may be to tell someone, “no.” Love calls from many types of people in and out of your life. The call may come from a complete stranger or it may come from a relative or spouse. In any event, when love calls, answer loudly, boldly, clearly and completely.

You see, when love calls, you answer without judgment, without fear and without reservation. Answering the call of love without judgment means accepting the moment of what is being asked of you, which could be to just simply listen without judgment. Answering the call of love without fear means accepting the responsibility that you care and love regardless of one’s trial or tribulation. Answering the call of love without reservation means to not hesitate to give loving and constructive criticism.

Listen, when all our responses are done out of love, there is no remorse, there is no administering pain and most importantly, we are acknowledging the beautiful Being in others – the same beautiful Being in ourselves.

When love calls, always answer with love.

This piece was inspired by Kem’s – Love Calls. Listen to your heart on the right-side column.

Sending a waterfall of love!

ahhh.. Wheatgrass Juice

The smell of wheatgrass juice can make one rear back with surprise at its potency. The taste of wheatgrass is so powerful that it can really take a few seconds to accept the interesting substance that awakens your taste buds. But, the benefits of wheatgrass juice far exceed the smell or taste. I call it the magical healing juice. It bolsters your immune system and thus, it helps to reverse illness.

The exploration of wheatgrass juice was first introduced to America by Ann Wigmore over thirty years ago. She reversed some serious health issues by using wheatgrass and eating a raw food diet. Because she provides information so effectively in her book, The Wheatgrass Book, I have taken some information from this book verbatim to help you understand the power of wheatgrass juice. And so she says:

Wheatgrass can help you restore a high energy level in two ways. First, by fulfilling nutritional deficiencies, and second, by removing wastes that clog your cells, blood, tissues and organs.

Each of us is the keeper of over ten trillion little batteries called cells. Like flashlight batteries, our cells hold a charge of electricity. In order for this charge to be strong and steady, we need to have a steady supply of the proper nutrients, especially the high-quality minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids contained in wheatgrass juice. With the addition of wheatgrass and raw foods to your diet, your cells will store a maximum electrical charge, and you will have plenty of energy. At the same time, wheatgrass will help to release excess fats, mineral deposits, and proteins that are trapped in the organs of digestion and elimination, and in the blood, thus saving your energy that would otherwise be spent in your body’s struggle to cleanse itself.

I’m a “wheatgrassaholic.” I take my a shot of wheatgrass juice everyday and feel the difference and I can see the difference on my face, my dark circles around my eyes diminished – on my head, I have fewer gray hairs – while I sleep, I dream every night because I sleep so deeply. The body’s ability to fight illness is determined by the immune system.”

Along with a raw vegan diet, wheatgrass juice has changed my life and I’m so grateful to God and thankful for Ann Wigmore.

I recommend that you read about wheatgrass juice before beginning your journey with it and be prepared to take very small amounts until your body can begin to identify it slowly. Use wheatgrass juice in smoothies or juices until you feel that you are able to begin taking straight shots. You can also find Ann Wigmore’s book in my favorite book list in the right-hand column.

I’m so honored to share this powerful information with you and I encourage you to minimize your stress as all diseases are emotionally based and stress is a large factor in an unhealthy body. I also encourage you to be open to healing because any doubt is negativity, another form of stress. Stay open, stay strong, stay wise and stay thankful that God has blessed you to receive this information. Receive it with love and gratitude.

Sending positive energy your way, always!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The blanket of gratefulness...

I sat in traffic thankful that I was in a warm car listening to soft music. I listened to the “on-hold” music waiting to speak to a representative and thankful that I had a speaker phone to listen to the music while I folded my laundry. Complex in its entirety, my job allows me the flexibility to work in my pajamas if I choose and I’m thankful for the time it allows me to spend with my daughter.

When we are open to Being thankful for the very small things, we are relying on the our positive energy to identify those small things such as smiling at beautiful flower – laughing with someone who is honest about a piece of their life that they find just as amusing or the smell and constant warmth of a fireplace that presents a feeling of security. The small thankfulness and appreciation leads us to experience the constant flow of gratefulness.

The blanket of gratefulness is the little threads of thankfulness that capture us – our Being – our Spirit - to a fullfilled life. So, practice identifying and feeling the small things that you are thankful for no matter how insignificant they may seem to others. In the awareness of those small things arise true gratefulness that stays with us during every situation that we perceive whether good or bad. Always, always, try to find thankfulness no matter what the circumstance is because this is the true essence of drawing upon the greatness and goodness of God. I am so grateful to recognize and know thankfulness!

Friday, January 23, 2009

So, I paused...

It’s been over a week since my last post and I have so much to share but I needed to pause. I felt a little under the weather and wanted to make sure that when I write, I give from my essence of which I am, my Being. So, I paused.

Pausing allowed me to be patient with my healing and to accept without fear. Pausing allows us to reflect on the current situation at the current moment – the present moment. Pausing is not to be confused with thought. It is a time for us, our Being, to be still without thought, motion or fear just like the stars, still, in a clear sky where there is so much space. I continue to rally for patience within so that I can accept the fact that I needed to pause and I accept that I may need to pause again. I accept.

This message is for all of you to pause, to reflect so that you can heal. Often, we need to practice patience and do nothing but pause. It is necessary and rewarding because this is our gift and our healing from God. It is stillness. We stand still and present no matter how difficult it is. That’s when we feel peace in the mist of what perceives to be chaos.

Sending positive energy your way, always!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Knock, Knock - It's Hurt

Reading through one of my old journals, I discovered this poem. I wrote it October 11, 2004. I read it and wanted to share this with all of you.

Be strong and accept that hurt is there, but you can heal by resisting the affects of pain and hurt. Enjoy!

Knock, Knock - It's Hurt

Hurt comes knocking at my door
I run and hide hoping it will not be the norm
Hurt knocks louder and louder
And a new hurt doubles
And it is born
The room is dark and cold
Hurt can’t see me, I’m so torn
To open the door
Or continue hiding in a corner on the floor

The weight of Hurt tears down the door
I curl up in a ball continuing to ignore
That Hurt is standing near me shadowing me with scorn
I look at Hurt questioning the intent
Then understanding that I need to vent
To tell Hurt no more
Will I curl with knees that are bent

I stand strong
Knees shaking, body trembling
Looking at Hurt directly
Breathing heavily,
I will not allow Hurt
To enter my mind, body and soul
Dissipate, Hurt, and dissipate
You are not welcomed in this space
copywrite 2004

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Build your team...

As Se'lah mentions in her comment on the Neem Tree article, it is a very good idea to check with your doctors about the use of herbs. However, keep in mind that some/most doctors that practice Western medicine may know little about herbal medicine, from my experience, and they are taught to only rely on and promote medicines from pharmaceutical companies. When asking questions about herbs or anything not labratory medicines, you may get a response that may shock you. I know I did. My physician proceeded to stay, "You should be careful of THAT "stuff" you are doing because I know a woman who did that kind of stuff and died and she had two small children." Wow, that was encouraging! It’s interesting that I just asked a question about holistic care in general and his translation was, "stuff."

So, be proactive and consult with holistic doctors, herbal doctors as well as medical doctors. Create your team of doctors and work as a partner with your medical doctor, but understand that we must be bold and proactive to ensure that we are nourishing our bodies while our immune systems conquer some of the foods we eat, the environmental pollution we breathe and the medicines we take.
Se'lah, thanks for your valuable input! One Love...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Neem Tree

Health food stores are my favorite. The aroma from all the fresh organic produce, the variety of herbs and essential oils and the people actually, excite all of my five senses. I love to absorb the power of life and all of the energy it produces and going to health food stores allows me to breathe deeply and absorb.

On this day, I was looking for Wild Yam. I only got a glimpse into this herb and wanted to know more about it. In my findings, I also discovered Neem or it discovered me. What is Neem? It is an evergreen that grows mainly in Central Asia and Middle Eastern regions (India, Pakistan) and its uses are extraordinary. Some of the spectacular benefits of Neem are that it boosts your immune system – “has detoxifying benefits that help maintain healthy circulatory, digestive, respiratory and urinary systems” – effective in dealing with skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema and acne, and it can also be used as a contraceptive. See more benefits of Neem at the attached URL links.

Like so many others, I didn’t know if and how Neem will work with my body chemistry so I tried it. I purchased Neem capsules and Neem oil and I am so glad I did. My husband is excited abut this herb and tells me everyday how his body is benefiting internally from the use of Neem. I felt the big difference externally more than internally. Eczema and psoriasis both have been a nuisance all my life. But, within two days of using the Neem Oil, the troubled areas no longer exist. It’s amazing!

Tapping into nature, which I believe has everything we need to sustain human life, is so crucial in helping us to maintain balance. I wanted to remind you and introduce to others the benefits of Neem. Healing with energy at your fingertips… Sending positive energy your way, always!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Please, take a deep breath.

I just received news about a young man I briefly met in Florida last summer. His life was taken without warning, quickly and by someone that is obviously and completely not conscious of anything, totally identified with promoting his beliefs (ego), I can't help but to wonder my thoughts into what the perpetrator was "thinking." To be that disconnected from peace is alarming. Yet, so many people are.

As I accept this terrible news of which I know will take his mother and family a long, long time to accept and heal, I struggle with the acceptance myself and rely on my deep breaths to help me stay present and not get lost in my own thoughts about the possibility of what could happen to the people I love. Sigh... I take deep breaths; many of them, to help me accept what cannot be spoken in words.

I send the young man's family love and a charge of positive energy that stimulate the energy of love, faith and hope within them. I pray for their strength...Sigh... Please take a slow and deep breath with me to accept any challenges in your life because, "It is, what it is.” Healing is always from God. I hope you feel lighter.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Make a deposit...

I didn’t notice him until he paid for my French vanilla cappuccino. I just came from the gym relieved, rejuvenated and at peace with completing my kick-boxing class. I so deserved my treat. With my head bowed feeling the greatness that I just accomplished, I bumped him accidentally in the convenient store. “Excuse me,” I said warmly touching his arm, but not actually noticing who I bumped. “It’s OK darling.” Well, that got my attention. Who in the hell is calling me darling? I looked at him as he turned to walk away. He welcomed the attention. He had dark-green eyes and he stood at the counter in worn cowboy boots and dingy blue-jean overhauls being waited on by the cashier. “Take care of the lady, please.” The cashier looked over my head and he repeated his statement nodding his head my way. I smiled and thanked him and wished him a Merry Christmas.

I felt victory as I walked through the double doors that were held open for me. I made a deposit of genuine kindness and it was returned to me instantly. We have the power to have full abundance in our lives simply by giving, making a deposit!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Energy Soup...

I was pouring myself a cup of cold, green smoothie and I smelled the freshness. My taste buds went wild and my body anticipated the nourishment that it was about to receive. Then, my three-year old daughter said, "Mommy, I didn't drink my energy soup today." I smiled at her innocent face while her large dark eyes focused on my cup of energy soup. "Here ya go, booby," I said with excitement. She drank ten sips as usual and rubbed her tummy. "Umm, it's healthy for me." "It is healthy for you," I said while I danced with excitement.

Everything is energy on this earth, everything. So, when we eat raw greens, our bodies LOVE it because we are eating food that is high energy, not dead from being cooked. I wake up in the morning most of the time full of life and energy and I love it. My energy soup consists of many different recipes that include at least two types of greens (collards, kale), celery, sprouts, carrots and lentils and the ingredients vary from day-to-day.

You want to feel energized, have a clear mind, and operate off of less sleep? Drink at least two to three cups of energy soup a day. Your body will love it. Your mind will appreciate it. Your spirit will feel it because high-energy foods have a high vibration level and it will beat inside of you sending the high-leveled frequency to feed and energize you and your organs. I dare you to try it.
Healing and peace at your finger tips.

Lost in Thought...

Recently, I was having a conversation with my husband who was talking to me about the type of work that he does. During our conversation, I had a stream of thought, “I start work in a couple of days, jeez – I hope he makes dinner – this house is a mess – I don’t feel like doing anything today – I wonder how Crystal is – Thank God I finished Barbara’s resume – construction is so boring to me - I need to post a article on my blog – I can’t wait to get my hair done – I need a vacation – uh, did he ask me a question?”

Have you ever had the experience of sitting and talking with someone and you had to bring your self back to the conversation? You had to bring your “thoughts” back to the present moment and you felt badly because you really didn’t hear what the person actually said. But, you find it very easy to pickup where you left off in the conversation - faking it briefly for seconds, until you make it. And you are glad that the person you are talking to really never obtain the fact that you’ve actually left the conversation.

My opinion is there may be two reasons to explain this phenomenon. One reason is that you have spoken to a particular person so often that you are aware of his/her conversational behavior and actually know what the person is saying or know what the person is going to say before it is said. So, why listen? Why be present? The second reason is that you know you may never see the person again or have another conversation with the person. So you just allow the person to keep talking and eventually you fill in the missing pieces (the content) of the conversation that brings you to the person’s current statement to only escape again feeling unfilled after the conversation is over.

Removing yourself from the present moment has somewhat of a negative impact on you and the person you are talking with because it brings uncertainty to both of you. You view the conversation, their message, the time you spend with them as the time you could be using to do something else, as a means to an end. The present moment is not important enough and what the person is saying to you is not important. When in fact, you should listen simply because the person, his/her Being is important.

Now, when I escape a conversation, I am aware instantly that I’m escaping in my mind, lost in my thoughts. My thoughts have invaded the experience of the present moment of connecting with the spirit of the person I’m talking to. I am AWARE that I am not giving full attention to the person while I’m thinking. Giving full attention means that you are listening with non-judgment and non-resistance, no thought, just acceptance and patience. I practice daily to communicate even if I don’t say any words. I practice especially when the conversation is one that is considered to be unpleasant. Try listening intently without reaction but just to feel the present moment and acknowledge the space in you that is able to avoid thoughts and give love, attention and compassion. It’s an amazing triumph over negative thoughts and feelings. When we practice this road to triumph, we decrease depositing negative energy into someone else, into ourselves and most importantly into this universe.

Sending positive energy your way, always!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Day!

As I watched fireworks exploding in the dark sky, I watched my daughter, nieces and nephews run around in my yard with excitement as my son lit one firework after the other promising that each one will top the previous one. I have to admit that I was excited because they were excited. Bringing in the New Year was another day for me, no different than the day before. I tried my hardest to express intense excitement about the New Year and to show all my family and friends who cramped my small home that this was a time to celebrate and darn it, that’s what I intended to do FOR THEM.

I saw the smiles and the grins, the hugs and the kisses, exchanged back and forth repeatedly and my heart smiled. I was happy to see it in my home. Were these same people this happy the day before? Were they bound by unhappiness caused by excessive thinking and were their happiness real today? Did it (happiness) come from a place of peace or a place of thought, “I’m supposed to be happy and celebrate because it is the New Year so I will just try to be happy?”

We should try to be one with the present moment everyday. When we practice such a magnificent tool everyday, we find true happiness and our decisions, response to trials and tribulations, and true forgiveness will come from a place of unprecedented peace. Therefore; the excitement, love and joy will come to us daily because we accept whatever the present moment is. So, I say to all of you that on New Year’s Eve, it was truly a Happy New Day for me, AGAIN! I’m so blessed and thankful for each of you and I continue to send positive energy your way and a waterfall of love, always. Happy New Day!